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  1. @Jake Lo I deleted the other kexts. But i feel like the energy draining is still the same(i still need to test it though but as i was using MacOs again it drained alot, i will need to test it and compare the draining time with Windows draining time, then you can say oke that is normal or it is not normal). I want to go to the next step is there a manual like you said " You could simple enable PluginType or create SSDT.aml with well known ssdtPRGen.sh script If IvyBridge / SandyBridge, you'll need to enable AppleIntelCPUPM in the Config file with CC " And the above will improve the battery draining? Let me know if you have time. I am gratefull for your help and your time. Have a nice day/evening.
  2. @Jake Lo Thanks for your time and answer. Oke i will found out which ethernet kext i need. I will remove the kext you are telling me to. My specs are: Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H RAM: 16 GB Graphics cards: Intel and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Yes i disabled Dual graphics, that was the first thing i did when i had MacOs. Very happy about that. (yeah i remember it was SSDT.aml i think) Thank you
  3. Hello guy's, I hope someone can give me tips on how I can fix the battery draining with MacOs. I am going to upload my kext/other from EFI so you can see what I am using. Thanks for your time and effort Other.zip
  4. Hello guy's, I hope someone can give me tips on how I can fix the battery draining with MacOs. I am going to upload my kext/other from EFI so you can see what I am using. Thanks for your time and effort Other.zip
  5. @Jake Lo I will try this Jake Lo, thank you very much. I will try this if i don't fall asleep
  6. Hello guy's, Everything works for my system now except the Battery kexts let my system reboot once in a while, sometimes more sometimes less. The battery meter works perfect with the kext files. Sometimes it restarts when I want to empty the Trash or when I am busy with the Terminal. It's random. I tested the system for more than 3 hours and the conclusion out of that was that the Battery kext files was letting my system reboot. Is there a way to inspect on why it restarts. Are there alternative kext files for having the battery to work? Do you need a system log maybe? Let me know please. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it!
  7. @Hervé It works. Thank you for your time
  8. @Hervé Hello sir, Yes I meant the FakeSMC files that come with the HWmonitor from Rehabman. I have VirtualSMC in kexts/other Should I delete this and use FakeSMC instead? If the above doesn't work I will send my Clover EFI. Thanks for your answer.
  9. Hello guy's, Thanks for watching my post. I tried to use Rehabman HWMonitor. With the FakeSMC files but my MacOs system wont boot with the FakeSMC kext inside kext/other. Are there alternatives or do i have to try to fix why my boot is stuck with the FakeSMC? This is on a MacOs Catalina(Vanilla) and my SPECS are. Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H Graphics: Intel UHD 630 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Let me know because i want to know if the CPU temperature is too high for me to use this. My plan is to buy a SSD. a mouse and a USB Wifi that works for MacOs. But want to know the temperature before i buy everything. Thanks for your time.
  10. @Hervé I don’t understand? Everybody talks about distro on every forum. I talk about distro because i searched for Niresh Catalina first and this forum had alot of it.
  11. @Jake Lo I tried replacing the kext files and .efi files from Mojave Install USB to the Catalina install USB. ON Install USB and MacOS HDD But It didn''t work? How can this VoodooPS2Mouse be replaced with something else? Do you know. Where does this come from?
  12. @Jake Lo Nope didn't work. Damnit. On the hard disk it already had that same patch. But on the Usb Installer it hadn't, it had another replacement code on the same patch. So i tried replacing it and also tried to have them both. None of them worked....
  13. @Jake Lo I know what the problem is, i think. I had the same problem with Mojave The “com.apple.driver.usb.appleUSBXHCI” inside kernel and kext patches. i am gonna copy it from a old plist file. so stupid i didn’t remember. Thats the problem when you want a solution very bad, you dont think. I took a hour rest watch tv, and the thought came up
  14. @Jake Lo I always have the BIOS on AHCI when i am busy with MacOs. I checked and i don't have VboxHFS.efi i have HFSPlus.efi in BOTH USB INSTALLER and MacOs HDD. I also checked and i have in both USBInjectall.kext, checked everything. I also disable SecureBoot. Fastboot. And VT-d i disable next to using AHCI What else can it be? I am gonna give you the 2 EFI Folders. 1 from USB and other from MacOsHDD EFI of both deviceszip.zip
  15. @Jake Lo ASUS N580GD-E4045T-NL I tried to delete the kext inside USB installer AND MacOS HDD. VoodooPS2Controller.kext But then i got another error i don't know and the code breaked again with a error logo sign. Do you know why this happens? I am going to UNCHECK everything for a test while installing and see what happens.
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