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  1. Jake, tryed your tuto, downloaded catalina 10.15.5, make the usb, downloaded clover v r5119 installed it and copy botpack 9020, bios v25, but still have black diaplay, i mean first boot, choose usb, choose usb install and never go ahead keep black the display, never start instalation, any sugestion? please help!!! regards
  2. Thanks a lot, everything runing ok, just go to buy dw1560 and enjoy my hackintosh...regards
  3. i try to make a clean install following exactly this tuto whit clover 2.5k_r5103, and my first attempt whit everything normal just keep on the apple logo, in my second attemp whit -v just freeze after a few seconds, image attach. any sugestion? my specs: Dell e7450, 12 gb RAM, SSD 240, Core I5 5300u Intel HD 5500 Graphics
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