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  1. Ok I did the steps mentioned, the brightness keys do work, according to Intel power gadget the CPU frequency does change when I shift workload, I was able to reboot a couple times without any issues with the config.plist you sent me, but this morning it gave me a Kernal panic saying"error loading Kernal cache (0xe)" so I started to enable different options individually in clover bootloader and it only booted when I enabled Kernal xcpm in clover, do you know why this is happening?
  2. Ok how do I repair permissions and rebuild cache sorry I'm kind of a noob at this
  3. I have same specs as Usman156's laptop but audio is not working correctly, it sounds fine on internal speakers but when plugging in headphones or any other speaker through the 3.5mm jack the quality is really bad there is hissing and crackling, I have apple hda in s/l/e, apple ALC kext and CodecCommanderkext is in E/C/k/other, I set the injection value to 3
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