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  1. i need EFI directory opencore 0.7.2 to use Big Sur in my Latitude e6330 Now i use old version OC with text boot Grazie
  2. DP port i find another EFI dir and work But i need info to config SMBIOS need mac address ?? i need use GenSMBIOS ? Name and Location of GenSMBIOS Parameters in Clover/OpenCore GenSMBIOS | Clover Configurator | OpenCore config.plist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardware UUID* | System Parameters > Custom UUID | N/A in PlatformInfo > Generic Board ID | SMBIOS > Board-ID | N/A in PlatformInfo > Generic Serial Number | SMBIOS > Serial Number | PlatformInfo > Generic > SystemSerialNumber System ID | SMBIOS > Sm UUID | PlatformInfo > Generic > SystemUUID ROM** | Rt Variables > ROM | PlatformInfo > Generic > ROM MLB | SMBIOS > Board Serial Number | PlatformInfo > Generic > MLB
  3. I tried to use the efi posted in this Optiplex 9020 thread but it doesn't work and it blocks on: "err (0xe) 0 @ lochb 71b4903c-14ec-42c4-bdc6-ce1449930e49" hardware.zip
  4. on a Dell E6430s I installed Mojave How could I create the boot installation USB stick that "involuntarily" destroyed after millions of tests ?? Thanks
  5. on a Dell E6430s I installed Mojave How can you clone a HDD on a smaller SSD disk? Thanks
  6. I installed Mojave.It works boot, Keyboard, Video, Network card, Usb. They don't work: pad, webcam, wifi. I used the kext: AppleALC, IntelMausiEthernet, Lilu, VoodooPS2Controller, WhateveryGreen. Help please? HackInfo_Report.zip Clover.zip
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