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  1. I add my efi folder and one picture. with -v debug=0x100. CLOVER.rar
  2. Thanks for you replay. but now I restart de system and not loading. stop in a apple logo. regards
  3. Hi everyone. I have a problem with sound . Some one can help me? thanks
  4. Hello, thanks a lot now i installed the system. but not work wireless and touchpad not work too. can help me? sorry my insistence. my if is intel dual band ac-8265
  5. Hi everyone. I have Dell 5580, and im try install catalina and ever time get error. Some times when the recovery of mac os start , when i try install the system not finish and ask for restart. Now after one week trying now when boot from usb and select the mac os computer restart. I dont know what i need change. my computer characteristics: i5 7geration 16gd ddr4 1tb HD intel graphic card hope you can help me best regards
  6. Hi, we have one dell 5580 pc with i5,16gb and 1tb ssd nvme hp. can send your efi? And in bios what you change? when i try install computer not stop restart. thanks a lot
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