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  1. yes I turned it off using : sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage
  2. tested it, Mac feels somewhat faster , but unfortunately works with the same consistancy as darkwake = 0
  3. 1- checked : no other voodoo anywhere else . 2-i can see it now , I have hack tool but I don't know how to rebuild cache , for fixing permission there is a tool in Cleanmymac /olarilla tools, I'll do it once I fix the sleep problem (I'm afraid if something goes south ) 3- doesn't work consistently ; sometimes it do sometimes not . any other option ?
  4. Hello Jake lo, sorry I took so long to confirm the fix, I was overwhelmed by some Excel work on this Hackintosh, works great with upgrading extra 4go Ram. *for the mouse part , I went with your E7470, works I don't mind the caps bug, how ever there is no two fingers scroll. *for the audio part, I did not find the "extension" folder in my system, I googled and looked around since you first answered, couldn't find a relevant tutorial to show it up. ----so I changed the channels using clover configurator, then in audio preferences balance, I switched it to all left / all right , the quality is good but drops as soon as I switch to full volume or switch back balance in middle , I can live with that. *last but big problem I face right now as I was working with it, if I close the laptop and it goes to sleep mode and it takes me long to reopen it (example overnight) , as soon as I open the laptop again I face a black screen, however if its for a short time period , like 30minutes , as soon as I open the screen and I hit the power button the login screen shows up. ---I tried to mess with the clover configurator as shown in the capture, and for boot option I added slide=0. I didn't find any solution so I'm asking here as last resort, being sure you'll find a way out
  5. here is attached , the required file , i'm trying VoodooPS2Controller-R6Bronxteck.kext while waiting for your answer, if things goes south i still have the bootable usb to boot in and get back the working voodoo kext from the folder kexts/Other/off Edit : it DID work , hower i have to keep pushing hard at the mousepad in order to navigate efficiently ; otherwise it would cut, left click works and right click too , scrolling works perfectly ; should i try the others one by one ? also about sound using headset , i can't hear the sound with the same quality as i used in windows. And when sleep mode is activated (when i close the screen for example , it can't get back on , the screen is gey ) MacBook.ioreg
  6. There you go ; even that tool is very polite lol Also i want to mention that the audio is kinda weired on youtube using headset ; it isnt displayed as used on windows debug_19297.zip
  7. well after I run the command here is what shows up Installing debug report generator.... Checking your internet connection.... Internet connectivity is all good to go. Downloading the latest version from GitHub... cp: /usr/bin/gen_debug: Read-only file system chmod: /usr/bin/gen_debug: No such file or directory Tool installed successfully. Would you like to generate a report now?[y/n]: y /Users/ /Downloads/install_tools.sh: line 54: gen_debug: command not found I looked around , is there something up with 'SIP' ? also the pc is being incredibly slow, 4go of ram isn't enough ?
  8. Thanks Jakelo , i cannot thank you enough my friend, you re such a high quality member ! these are my first linnes from my use utilisation of hackintosh, thanks to you and arsradu. while waiting for your answer , i went ahead and removed the config , ktext and ACPI from the EFI and i put yourse, boom everything works except wifi , bluetooth and mousepad. i fixed the wifi problem by using my dongle DWA 131 , installed the driver from this generic software that supports alot of dongls https://github.com/chris1111/Wireless-USB-Adapter/releases/tag/V11 for the bluetooth i dont care for now about the mouse , should i use this : https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8285-refined-alps-touchpad-driver/ (latest R6?) didnt want to try it out of the blue and maybe brake the system without your advice this is the last thing i need to fix then i ll make a tutorial for 3350 owners. Again i can't show you enough My gratitude Jake lo.
  9. Guys i'm happy to tell you i made it at lease the install , i need one final help to finish this for start redownload olarilla new version from their website , i replaced ONLY the config plist provided by jakelo (BIG THANKS) ; after that, i started the install , on first boot i used the other config plist from olarila (because jakelo's causes it to crash on the final step), and voila , done deal , installed correctly and booted up the problem now , is the mouse , i can"t use the mouse pad , and the usb doesn't work, wifi doesn't work neither, please help on this final step , for 3350 owner i share with you the EFI that worked for me ethernet doesn't work neither , and when i sleeps i cant' get back , i'll have to shut it down mannually and reboot using usb stick 3350CustomBoot.zip
  10. yep i included virtualSMC efi , still stucking at the end, maybe somthing is wrong with the config plist ? Also are other macOS version as hard as this catalina ? i mean i tried mojave with the same config Jakelo gave me it showed "report panic to apple" and didnt boot.
  11. yes it booted indeed , installed then rebooted once to continu the installation (as step 5 in your guide), took about 30 min then got stuck at the end (the apple bar was nearly full) then showed up a message box saying the install cannot be achieved, i uploaded the error log, i tried again removing the vboxhfs reoplacing it by the HFSplus you provided , same error, i needed to use an external mouse during the installation and kept it in during the whole installation until the error showed up, lol the more i use the virtual hackintosh the more i get excited and addicted to it, i'm writing this from the virtual machine Historique de Programme d’installation 9-Jun-2020.txt.zip
  12. actually the latest one on the link provided in your tutorial is v5118 , i uploaded my whole EFI attached, *both these two files are missing (didnt include the custom ones since you're gonna review the clean install): ApfsDriverLoader AptioMemoryFix *I used VboxHfs instead of HFSPlus, *i placed the bootpack you provided me in your first reply; thanks Edit : also when i run this exact EFI, it shows up : boot failed : will sleep for 10 seconds before exiting error: aborted returned from boot.efi EFI.zip
  13. First of all i need to thank jakelo and arsardu for their help and most of all for their patience, i'm getting there! The virtual machine high sierra is working, i downloaded the vanilla copy of catalina with catalina patcher, made the bootable usb and i used and old clover bootloader to install the same files as the config of the tutorial of jakelo (because the new one. Is missing some config), after that i used clover configurator to mount the efi partition and use the bootpack jakelo gave me in his first post, after booting in the 3350, clover boots up but stuck at +++++++ as shown in the picture. I also tried the same thing with the most recent clover, same thing, i searched the whole FAQ and tried multiple solutions, same problem. Sorry for bothering you guys with this
  14. guys i'm really desperating ... i downloaded a vanilla catalina beta , when i try to extract the ".hfs" 7zip always shows up an error at the end, its the same error no matter what version of catalina (olarilla , niresh , vanilla) @arsradu I do not own a mac, so i can't use any of the methods of clover mac, and the virtuallbox bugs alot its impossible to use, i have to do it 100% on windows, and i downloaded a vanilla .dmg beta " v10.15.b6 (19A536g)" I didn't find any good tutorial about doing this for catalina in windows, the most of it if for high sierra and it didn't work as i mentionned before.
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