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  1. Thanks! Hackintosh works perfectly! I read several guides to set 4k resolution but noone convinces me. What do you suggest me?
  2. Installation performed correctly! Can you tell me a guide for booting directly from hard disk?
  3. This display is 4k... my girlfriend has only this TV with HDMI (I use DisplayPort to HDMI cable). With your suggested adding the problem still remain. Edit: I deleted -v and reinserted -cdfon and seem installation starts
  4. Connected via DisplayPort, now we are in the situation attached
  5. You are a really magician! Installation started! WOOOOOOOOW! Little problem: in the middle of loading bar the the installer disappear and the screen goes off... Here the video: https://mega.nz/file/iPQ3XCQA#_UsHTRsT0CUc04NmHZYSA53Wr-LAEchPgEU8dyekBy8
  6. I tried all USB ports: 2 USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.0
  7. I've executed the procedure, unfortunately problem still remain.
  8. Thank you again! BIOS restored to default then setted like you wrote: same result, the problem still remain
  9. Thank you very much again! Replaced again with new file but the problem still remain.
  10. Thank you very much. I done adjustment to my kext folder but the problem still remain.
  11. Hi guys, this is my first time I try to get an hackintosh. I read several guides and this thread a lot of time! I have Dell Optiplex 3040 Micro: i5-6500T 8GB RAM 240GB SSD HD 530 1. RAM is in the upper slot 2. To boot I inserted USB stick in the USB 2.0 port 3. BIOS configuration think is right My installation stop after +++++++++++++++++++ I use a USB receiver for both keyboard and mouse In attachment the error and the EFI folder Can anyone help me to fix the error? EFI.zip
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