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  1. Hi @Max.1974 my knowledge of operating systems installation goes from linux to debian to windows, never install a hackintosh, my question is if it is compatible with the lenovo E470 because I don't want to lose my network connection because I use it for all this pc but if you tell me no I lose the network card, I am happy to learn from hackintosh if you need the number of my network card just ask me. I have another hard disk to test so I can use my sister's macbook, create the flash drive with the macbook and try the other hard disk. Greetings and thanks for your help Cocofexe says goodbye
  2. Hello I have the same laptop, try windows and ubuntu but none convinces me I would like to do a hackintosh you Mr. @Max.1974 could you leave me a written tutorial with the steps to follow please?
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