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  1. wow! that's a major difference in speed and display. Catalina boots much faster, and the sluggishness now gone. I was using clover r5118 but will update to r5120 later. thanks @Jake Lo and @Not-A-Robot12 . maybe I'll try adding FaceTime and iMessage as well later on. Last one. Before clover starts, I get this message: Already started returned from AptioMemoryFix.efi. At first I thought OsxAptioFix3Drv.efi was missing but it was not.
  2. Hello everyone, finally managed to install clean Catalina on my Latitude 3470. everything works well except the graphics a bit wonky. I've followed a few guides on setting up intel HD 520 on Hackintosh but my gfx still feels sluggish and the dock is not transparent. I've attached my debug file for your attentions. hopefully you guys can help me fine tune my graphics problem and maybe other things that I missed. thanks in advance. debug_26478.zip
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