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  1. I used it but somethings was still wrong in that it wasn't able to boot big sur
  2. @Jake Lo i fixed it it was wifi kext that was stoping big sur from booting up .
  3. @Jake Lo this efi is working fine ethernet wifi touchpad and keyboard is working . everything over all is working however the problem is that it works perfectly well with catalina but can not boot big sur installer EFI.zip
  4. Did that but no effect stucks at apple logo and reboots
  5. @Jake Lo i replaced the kext and acpi folder with the ones you gave however after replacing system gets stuck at apple logo and then restarts . i even tried adding only the contents of acpi and kexts folders that you gave into already existent folder but no luck
  6. @Hervé i have installed big sur using the efi however i am getting some problems my etherner, touchpad and keyboard is not working and the wifi as well i am using atheros 9285 for wifi and screen randomly turns black
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