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  1. I feel so embarrassed, it was just the tracking speed that needed adjusting vs the sensitivity. @Hervé btw, I noticed when I updated my kexts that my benchmarks dropped. after reverting back to the versions in your pack I got back to about 1700 in Geekbench 5. Thank you again for that pack, it's perfect.
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    @Hervé Have you ever used FileVault? I turned it on my E6230 today and the machine no longer boots. I need to do some reading for that I think. (aptioinputfix kext)
  3. I think the driver needs tweaking, works fine on my windows 10 drive with the same machine.
  4. Cool, thanks Jake. I'll work on my technique
  5. Both of the machines are second hand so there is a chance they have copped a bit of use. I'll keep an eye out on eBay for a cheap deal on a trackpad/palmrest most likely. edit: yeah I'm fairly confident the touchpad needs replacing, its not bad bad but a new one wouldnt hurt type of thing. the second 2 finger secondary tap works sometimes but not always
  6. I realised I misworded double tap. I actually meant Secondary Tap - 2 finger tap which is the equivalent of Right Click. That's strange that I had to change it from 30 to 20 in the sensitivity. I had to do this with two seperate E6230 in the past week, both were so slow when moving on the trackpad it was painful. I'll probably tweak it further and end up back to closer to 30. I was just happy to be able to move freely and fast at all. Yes both trackpads were cleaned with rubbing alcohol Jake, not sure what is it but its fine after changing the zfinger. I managed to get the window drag working Thanks for that. Accessibility -> Pointer Control -> Trackpad Options -> Enable Dragging (without drag lock) Also thanks Jake for your work with the E6230. I've seen people talk about you in regards to the E6230 across multiple forums online. Cool, thanks I'll have a look for the sensor. This machine just arrived today so I haven't even used it in Windows before this to see if it has any previous quirks. Again thanks for the effort guys, it's saved me a lot of time - I can just fall back on this working install whenever I need. Is it worth using VirtualSMC over FakeSMC btw? I was considering testing with VirtualSMC today. Also is there a reason any reason stopping you from migrating to Opencore? Not interested? I did a quick test earlier using Opencore and got a much lower benchmark score then using Clover. I actually just realised as I was typing this I used the DSDT/SSDT from a E6230 2.6ghz I built last week with this 3.0ghz. Oops hehe.
  7. Firstly - thank you Herve for your Clover EFI folder. I noticed the default value of 30 for the touchpad sensitivity did not work for me so I brought it down to 20 from 30 (zfinger) and it was worked perfectly. Can somebody assist me in changing the sensitivity to trigger the double tap/right click on the touchpad? Which value needs to be changed within the VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext plist? At the moment I have to press quite hard and it is hit and miss getting the double tap to register. Also, is it possible to double tap at the top of a window and move the window around also? I have also noticed the sleep function doesn't work when I close the lid but I haven't gone looking into that. Sorry If I am asking too much, again thank you Herve for your work (my E6230 was running Catalina within the hour of it arriving!)
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