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  1. Hello, I gave up the idea of going to catalina. despite the kexts and the update of clover, it did not install itself. So I stopped the idea of hackintosh and put a linux distribution. I will see later if someone managed to install Catalina on a latitude 5590
  2. I downloaded catalina, then I dropped it into the app, then I launched the install from app. it does the install and alerts me a problem. From the catalina install window he asks me to restart to terminate install. I end up on clover with 2 icon 1 to booter on mojave and the other to install catalina. I chose catalina enable verbose - debug 0x100 - igfxvesa. it blocks see image
  3. Hello, I tested the method for wifi, it does not work. It is said that it works best on catalina. I tried to update to mojave by launching the catalina install but it doesn't work. How do I do the update?
  4. Hello @ICEGalaxy, I have a Dell Latitude 5590 running Mojave. It is fitted with an Intel 8265ngw wifi and bluetooth card. Do you have a tip to make this work?
  5. Hello, I managed to get macOS Mojave running. Thanks Jake lo. The mouse works, but the left and right buttons do not. at the moment I am using a wired mouse. If you have an idea to make the buttons work.
  6. Hello, Ok, i'm just testing your last answer. not working.... after start clover, the computer reboot an start on my ubuntu partition. i try to boot instal with clover, the apple screen appear with line progress but after 1 minutes (less 5 % install) the computer reboot. no error screen i don't know what to do anymore
  7. Hello, I do not know if the ssd is a PM981 or PM981a. Attached a photo:
  8. I followed hervé's tutorial. I started with a virtual box vm with mojave. I used cover r4919 I started from the Clover_Pack_7490_09.zip file without change because the 2 pc are similar. My pc dell latitude e5590 • Processor: Intel CoreTM i7–8650u processor (1.9 GHz) • memory: 16 GB DDR 4 • Screen: 39.6 cm (15.6 inches) • Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 620
  9. Hello, I have been trying for 2 weeks to run macOS Catalina on a Dell Latitude E5590 (i7 vpro) without result. Yesterday i managed to start the installation of macOS but it crashed before the end. If you have any idea?
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