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  1. Hi, yes I really appreciate it as my work consist on Dreamweaver, Adobe Ilustrator, Photoshop, and sometimes I need a Windows XP machine running with some apps... I usually had 20 Mb free, now I get 600 Mb free. It is faster as I am not using now hard disk caches, etc...
  2. Hi all, Just to explain my success with my latitude D820. I have upgraded to 4GB (2 x 2GB modules) with standard PC2 5300 Kingston memory, and it works very well (HACKINTOSH OSX 10.6.7). The model is KVR667D2S5/2G KINGSTON. I was doubting about official dell memory or specific, but for me it runs well with standard memory (667Mhz - 5300 CL5) and it cost about 25$ each module. The problem was that laptop usually fails on first recognition (at least my case, even with its original memory). I can see "reseat memory" or "system is not well configured" or something else. My solution was unplug battery and unplug bios battery connector. Then change both modules and then plug bios battery and laptop AC, then it boot perfect! I just want to share with you
  3. Hi all, I have a problem with my SleepEnabler or something else... I can go to sleep with menu and closing notebook, its perfect. Then I wake up pressing any key or button, system bios asks me master pwd and then I go to my OSX very well, but I lost: USB mouse input: I can solve it if I have plugged before a USB pendrive, or If I plug again my USB mouse on another slot Integred MIC AUDIO input: I can solve it plugin somehting on headphone connector Bluetooth isn't now available -> I do not have solution for this, I need to restart 7 Key repetitive loop -> neither of ApplePS2Controller works for me. Do you have any ideas what happens? Any idea would be very appreciated! Thank you a lot in advance. Regards!
  4. donation done! sorry I just have found the way for doing it I appreciate A LOT your work, thank you very much
  5. ok, I have found the problem is with ANV-Slice kexts. Rest works good for me! Thank you again
  6. Hi all, I have almost a perfect hackintosh at 99,9%, it works very well for me. But I am reading a lot about patching a modified bios. I have read at wiki "improve performance and stability" but I can't find more details. Please could you informe a bit more about this "risky" mod? I mean that for me is no problem "dell" brand on boot etc but I would be tempted if I get better improvements... ie native USB? native sleep? Thank you in advance!
  7. Thanks for your reply. I played sometime in BIOS and I enabled wakeup from mouse or usb, its great! but problem persist... In fact this is a minor problem as I have solved maintaining a USB pendrive always connected. Thank you a lot
  8. Hi all, When I wake up after sleep I lost mic input. I can solve it pluging and unpluging a headphone connector and works again. Is this a possible bug? Thank you very much!
  9. Hi, I just have found a strange problem, that hits a thousand of times number 7 key, each time I wake up... It solves pressing any key, if not 7 key is pressed a thousand of times... Regards,
  10. Hi all! I have my D820 Intel Graphics bios A10 almost perfect... It goes to sleep/wakeup from the lid but USB mouse stop working when I wake up. I need to plugin on another usb port at it works again. The strange thing is if I have this USB Mouse + USB HD plugged, they work all after wake up, including USB mouse ... But If I have USB mouse only, it does not work after wake up. Any ideas? Thank you a lot in advance! Fyi I am using soundflower + coolbook
  11. Wow! Just to say thank you a lot. I was forgiving the idea of OSXing my dell, but It is almost perfect now! Awesome EDP package. I would like to say thank you a lot! My machine is Dell Latitude D820 - Intel Graphics + BIOS A10 (latest), and I am running 10.6.7 almost perfect (I am working on sleep) Please could you point me to donation pages? I can't found it! Best regards
  12. Hi all I think as an expert forum, this must be obvious but I would like to share my trick... (Of course my partition table is GUID). I have an A Partition (production), and B Partition (testing, comboupdates, DSDT tests, etc...) I can maintain updated B Partition using SuperDuper with "Smartupdate" option. It lets me sync both partitions, than If something fails with my tests on B Partition, I can sync from A -> B again (very fast) If my test is going well, I can apply to A Partition again With this method is nofear method for me as I can get it back Cheers
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