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  1. Sorry, I've installed itlwm with Hackintool in the library/extension folder so that it is easier for me to manage the kext as I don't have to mount and unmount the refi partition each time, I can confirm that itlwm is working as it's showing in verbose during boot and it's being detected by heliport which I am using (otherwise it would display that its not running in heliport) and as I've said I've been told by the devs that its not an itlwm issue but actually a EFI problem, I've tried moving itlwm to efi folder but that doesn't change anything my card is an intel AC 7260
  2. My XPS 12 9Q33 laptop has an intel wifi card which should work with itlwm kext and it actually did for a day!! but then something weird happened. My pc went in sleep mode and after that I cannot get my wifi to work anymore, Ive opened an issue on their GitHub posting multiple logs and I got told the issue is not with their code but with my EFI since if I boot into other OSs my wifi works. can you PLEASE Jake lo help me I would really love it. In Hackintool it shows the wifi card in the pci slot I really don't know what the issue could be EFI.zip
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