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  1. Thanks so much guys... DSDT patched for the battery, and now everything is up and running smoothly !!!!!
  2. Thank you both @Bronxteck and @Jake Lo... There was a problem with the sound: even when I properly set it up following the ALC wiki, sometimes it was working and sometimes not, and always showing the same pattern (com.apple.driver.AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver kext not listed when the sound was not working ). Finally switched to VoodooHDA, and I can say it goes way better !!! OK guys, I need a hand: I'm having issues with the battery. The icon does not remain at the menu bar, and also the system shows the battery is at 0% charge, when it is not ( besides all the ACPI errors I get when the battery is plugged in ). I've been reading about this, and all I can find is that I have to patch DSDT / SSDT for this problem to be sorted out... is that so ? Is there any other way to fix this ?
  3. What is that for ? Don't get me wrong, is just that all that is set up at config.plist already... I mean, do I have to boot using that bootflag every time I boot, even when config.plist is properly set up ?
  4. Well, the thing is that I get a lot of ACPI errors when the battery is connected, hence longer booting time. When disconnected, no ACPI errors anymore, and booting faster... I think the battery kext is not the proper one ( just guessing ). Oh, one more thing: sound comes and goes !!! I can see it is installed in both cases ( meaning that, when I have no sounds, the controlls are still there and operational, but no sounds come out ). This is what I found, after running kextstat | grep 'Lilu\|AppleALC\|AppleHDA': when sound works, com.apple.driver.AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver kext is listed, and when it is not working, that driver is missing Any idea ?
  5. Hey Hervé, I'm having a lot of ACPI errors that I would like to check out... is there any way to get a boot log dump ?
  6. Hahaha, it already is a joy to use ( why do u think I wanted to install the mac OS ? I can't use it with windows, but with this is an awesome machine...). I'll get the SSD as soon as possible, but in the meantime I'm gonna download all my photos from my Iphone, which is impossible on windows or linux... Thanks a lot for your time and wisdom Hervé !!!!
  7. Can't test the card reader cause I have no card right now, but I believe it works ( camera does ) Here they are Hervé... elgranoti.SysInfo.zip elgranoti.IOReg.zip
  8. Ok Hervé, I can confirm Lan and sound are working properly !!!!!
  9. Hervé: YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!! Graphics are working perfectly now. I'm gonna start messing with sound the way you recommended...
  10. Sound is working now. I just added VoodooHDA and AppleHDADisabler to EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/Other ( not sure if this is the best method, or to install those two in System/Library/Extensions ). Sound codecs:
  11. I'm afraid config_nv 2 didn't work either (still have the same problem: it reboots before finishing loading). May I replace the FakeSMC now, or should I wait for the graphics to work ? Regarding the sound codec, I couldn't find it on DPCIManager ( screenshot attached )
  12. Hey Hervé, Tried your config_nv.plist, but it doesn't work ( never finishes loading, it reboots... ). So far, that I'm aware of, I don't have graphics and sound !!! Here is my IOReg extract: elgranoti.ioreg.zip
  13. Well, I'm booting from the installer but it reboots right after "DSMOS has arrived" and I can't see what comes next ( something comes up, but I don't have time to see it )... here is my origin folderorigin.zip Ok, I made it now... had to use "nv_disable=1" in order to go all the way through. I'm booting now from the hard disk. I'll let you know how it goes... Thanks a lot Hervé !!!!!
  14. OK Hervé, I managed to build a Virtual machine on Ubuntu ( macOS Catalina ), downloaded High Sierra, created the USB installer, and installed the latest Clover version ( 5127 ) on it with the customised settings ( Installed Clover in the ESP, Boot Sectors -> Install boot0af in MBR, Clover for BIOS (legacy) booting -> Clover EFI 64-bits SATA, BIOS Drivers, 64 bit -> FSInject-64 / ApfsDriverLoader-64, BIOS Drivers, 64 bit -> GrubEXFAT-64 / GrubNTFS-64 ). One thing to point out is that I don't have the chance to mount the EFI partition with Clover Configurator, I can see EFI straight on the USB ( don't know why, and I hope it doesn't affect the process... ). At this point I have to set up the config.plist and I have no clue... what are the basics I should set up, in order for this to boot ? Is there any guide I can follow to set it up based on a given system ? Thanks
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