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  1. Interesting, it does work using Firefox but Safari same issue. I will digg into the DRM issue section to see if I can get it resolve and will report back.
  2. It is a full subscription. I did some online research. It seems the issue appears to be something with the graphics unit ID locking down by the DRM protection. When I try to play something you click play, you see how it starts to opening the window in immediately closes again. Some suggest to use a different SMBIOS but since it's opencore its obviously not that easy? Beside apple tv app everything else is working, FT, imessage etc..
  3. Good evening, I used the search but did not find anything. When trying to stream with the Apple TV+ the app does not play actual episodes or movies but trailers. Is there any solution to this available? Thank you!
  4. Card is also not reporting in Ubuntu I gonna go with that the adapter is broke and will order a replacement. Once I got that I will try again hoping that the card is okay otherwise I will get in time squeeze to return the card. Will report back once I got the new adapter.
  5. Sounds like a plan, not sure why I didn't think of that! I report back once done. Thanks !
  6. I removed the lines and kext and tried again without success. Adding the plist. Thank you for helping me with this! I am debating to order another adapter just in case that's what's causing this. The Wifi card itself is said to be verified working before sale as used like new. Unfortunately I don't have a MacBook Pro to test it with. Thank you! config.plist.zip ioreg export.zip
  7. Hi Jake Lo! Thanks for the help! attached below ioreg export.zip
  8. Good evening, sorry for the delay in further feedback. Work has been hell. I removed the BrcmFirmwareData.kext and BrmcPatchRam3.kext again, updated the config.plist reset nvram to take a IOReg reading. Under L/E are only 3 kext's: HighPointIOP, HighPointRR and SoftRAID. In OC kext's is still the remaining kext's that came with Jake Lo's pack.
  9. Hi Hervé, thanks for your reply. Both Bluetooth and WiFi are not working. I need to check if it shows up in IOReg. It’s been a while since my last project and lots has changed since when it comes to bootloaders etc.still needing to get back into the flow. I have a NGFF adapter. This one Converter for BCM94360CS2 pcie WiFi Card Module And this wifi Card.
  10. Good evening, I had a E7470 laying around unused and finally found some time to get hands on to get macOS working. Thanks to Jake Lo's deployment package in his guide here was I able to deploy macOS probably the fasted I've ever done before. One issue that I unfortunately face is that the BCM94360CS2 card that finally arrived today is not seeming to work even that it is natively supposed to work. Attempts of modifying the config.plist to prevent the BRCM kexts to load did not succeed. I found some info on a GitHub project that mentioned to removed the BrmcFirmwareData.kext and
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