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  1. If it changes anything - I realized just now that brightness keys actually do work after booting in the Clover menu, using Fn-11 and Fn-12. After loading the osx partition and Mojave, Fn-S and Fn-B bring up the mac os brightness up/down graphic indicator on the screen. However actual brightness control only works after waking from Sleep as described above. Does this mean something in the Mojave loading process is messing with things? Conflicting kexts in Sys/Lib/Extensions or something? Any help appreciated! Most up to date clover folder attached. CLOVER.zip
  2. Same thing still after reboot, 'test NVRamDetected'
  3. FnF11 and FnF12 do nothing. Fn-S and Fn-B still show brightness indicator, but only change brightness after sleep. Deleted ssdt.aml , still no luck. CLOVER.zip'NVRAM Detected' after those lines. I've tried a few changes in config as well so here's an updated clover folder. Thanks so much for getting back to me!
  4. I hope it's appropriate to start a topic on this...I found some slightly similar threads but none that seem quite like this! I have my Dell E7470 running Mojave (10.14.6) super smoothly, with the exception being that Brightness Control only works after Sleep mode. ie. if I select Sleep from Apple menu, wait about 15 seconds for it to 'fully' go to sleep, on reawakening brightness control works normally with fn-S and fn-B. Before waking from sleep, fn-S and fn-B bring up the Apple brightness graphic with the notches, but display will only set to full brightness (100%) or off (0%). I have combe
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