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  1. As requested ... Thanks in advance EFI.zip
  2. Thanks Jake, Followed the instructions and now have ProperTree working Unfortunately, I get the same result taking out the -v with ProperTree .. all very confusing ?! Any ideas .. should I recreate the config.plist file ? Cheers
  3. Thanks Can't get ProperTree to work on my Big Sur, but i'll try one of the others you have mentioned Anyone know why ProperTree crashes Python when I open it on Big Sur ? Cheers
  4. Hi folks, Two questions regarding OpenCore (I am running Big Sur on a Dell Latitude E7450) :- 1. When using OpenCore to boot into Big Sur, it crashes 2 or 3 time out of 5. I can attach logs but I cannot understand the inconsistency and just wondered if others suffered from this issue. 2. When I remove the -v from the config file, using TextEdit, it hardly ever boots. For example, I change:- <string>keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 darkwake=0 alcid=11 -v</string> to <string>keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 darkwake=0 alcid=11</string>
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