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  1. I did not. I will try to install overnight and report my results. Thanks for that.
  2. I am looking for some help installing OSX on a Lenovo ThinkPad X201T. It has the same first gen 2.0GHz i7 mentioned in the X201s guide. 4GB RAM 250GB HDD, but I would like to install OSX on 64GB SDCard Intel HD Graphics 1280 x 800 resolution I have tried these methods with these results: iFail_ML2: Booted to installation UI without problems. Install always failed. unifail Mountain Lion: I removed IntelHD kexts and booted with npci=0x2000 to get it to the installation UI. Install always failed or got stuck or something like that. MyHack Lion: Did the same as unifail to get it to boot to installation UI (remove IntelHD and npci=0x2000). Install always failed. Is the tablet version just un-Hackintoshable? What do I need to do to get Lion or Mountain Lion on this computer?
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