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  1. There is a problem when the system boots, and I do not know the reason I hope you will help me overcome this problem. MATEBOOK i7 8550u ram 24 uhd620 OC 0.6.6 BIG SUR 11.1 EFI.rar
  2. Not interested in airplay and airdrop issue. Thanks for your help, bro
  3. Thank you, it worked Can i fix airplay and airdrop? Bluetooth and wifi work fine Are there other errors in the config file?
  4. Dear, you can fix what you see from errors I trust you Note: I am very new to the Hackintosh Sorry, I am not good at English
  5. how fix In Memory Panic Stackhot Succeded ** Bytes Traced 1816 Matebook D 2018 Core i7-8550u UHD 620 Opencore 0.6.5 Big sur 11.1
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