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  1. @Jake Lo I finally did it Everything is working, fully upgraded to Big sur, stable as hell. Gonna order the DW1560 to have full on compatibility, feels good to have a mac again. eheh
  2. Nevermind, its working now. My wifi is not working. But enything else is good.
  3. Hey Jake Thanks for the advice but after trying to install it with your latest files and even changing to the intel wifi, cause is the one I have, my Laptop after restarting on the installation process doesnt recongize my disk anymore and brings me back to the recovery page again. Dunno what else to do.
  4. Folks, I have tried everything its been 2 weeks of trying to put macos to work on this machine and cant get it to work at all. Not even to install. I have my EFI on the top. What else can I do?
  5. Thanks Herve, I have changed to intel Kext now. I am newbie to this. I dunno what kext or ACPI i should add to my efi folder,or even my config.plist might wrong cause I am using somebody else? E7450_OC_0.6.4 (2).zip
  6. Hey Folks, After trying to install Catalina 10.15.7 I got this error. Any Idea what this could be?
  7. Than I am gonna put myself to work ahaha
  8. I am gonna try run the combo iso of catalina and see how it goes. THo i don't have a lot of hope. is macOS even stable to have as a daily drive on this laptop?
  9. Also my disc after 3 reboots just simply disappear... I have been on top of this for 3 days. Dunno what else to do.
  10. Hey herve thanks for the help. My Bios version is A22 and the wifi card is the Intel AC 7265. I am going to try to use the EFI with the more updated version of opencore, Lilu.kext & Whatevergreen Edit: After trying to install it with all updated above and bios settings u gave me I have this error on the kernel after reboot. "Generation from SMC report as 2 fUseGPUBusy = 0 fPPPMSupport = 1 please go to https://panic.apple.com to report this panic" what do I have more that I shouldn't? what is happening? same happens with catalina latest version
  11. Hello Folks I have a E7450 i7 with 16gb of ram and a Kingston a400 SSD with the normal wifi card. Can anybody enlighten me on what EFI I can use? Cause after successfully boot into install after the 12 minutes mark reboot the system reboots and doesn't continue. I have tried to use the OC 0.6.2/3/4 and none of them got it working. FYI i am complete newbie to the Hackintosh scene.
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