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  1. @Jake Lo You are the best!! Bluetooth is working now as well!! Thank you so much for your support as well as Herve!
  2. Done. updated, reset nvram... no joy.
  3. Checked Bios, confirmed Webcam, microphone and audio are enabled. I even swapped my Windows SSD back just to be sure my hardware wasn't busted and it's working. I also replaced SSDT-XOSI. no luck
  4. Thanks @Jake Lo . Upgraded to 11.2, rebooted still no audio or webcam .
  5. OK, I'll run that tonight. I noticed Big Sur 11.2 is out . That should be ok to install on top? I saw OC 0.6.6 available as well but I'll do one thing at a time.
  6. [email protected] ~ % sudo kcditto Copying deferred prelinked kernels in /... Ignoring CoreStorageLVF UUID Request for apfs snapshot: / /AppleInternal/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/kext_tools/kext_tools-692.60.3/kc_staging.m.279: Encountered error while inspecting path: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=260 "The folder “PrelinkedKernels” doesn’t exist." UserInfo={NSFilePath=/Library/Apple/System/Library/PrelinkedKernels, NSUserStringVariant=( Folder ), NSUnderlyingError=0x7fef8740d6a0 {Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-43 "fnfErr: File not found"}} /AppleI
  7. My build is Vanilla. created the install USB from a MacOS VM. Here's the output from sudo kextcache -i/ kextcache -i/ Executing: /usr/bin/kmutil install --volume-root / --check-rebuild rebuilding local auxiliary collection kmutil done
  8. I replaced the confit and added the 2 SSDTs to ACPI, reset NVRAM, still no luck. I did some trial and error tonight and pulled out all the patches and SSDTs that I had in there prior and essentially what you have @jakelo in your 0.6.4 OC config. On the plus side, I am getting a working SD card reader and my function keys work for brightness + and - now but still no audio or webcam. config.plist.zip Adam’s MacBook Pro - R01.ioreg
  9. Removed the depricated ECDV patch and added CodecCommander as @Hervé recommended. Still no luck, I will look at the rest of the ACPi after work Attached is my ioreg and updated config Adam’s MacBook Pro.ioreg config.plist.zip
  10. Thank you @Jake Lo for the support! Touchpad is working well now after disabling SMCDellSensors.kext So far no luck on audio after changing alcid to 11. Should I update the SSDTs to match your 0.6.4 guide? I ran a device check on Windows before installing MacOS and it is the Realtek ALC293 @ Intel Wildcat Point-LP PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [F0] Not sure I follow what to do about the webcam. I added your USBPorts-7450.kext and disabled XhciPortLimit but I will have to read up on how to generate USB ports kexts with hackintool.
  11. I somewhat successfully loaded Big Sur with OC 0.6.5 on my Latitude E7450 after a weekend of following Dortania's guide as well as reading up on posts here and @Jake Lo build guides. I have wifi working temporarily with ltlwm while I wait for my DW1650 DW1560 to arrive. Aside from that I can't seem to get Audio or the webcam working. Aside from that, my trackpad works intermittently. It would work every 3-4 restarts randomly (while trying different kexts, rebooting and reseting NVRAM.) Could someone see if I'm missing or misconfigured anything in my EFI? Removed kexts from kext fol
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