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  1. Jake Lo i've trying herve's guide Step by step but laptop can't boot into installation. i'm dont know what i'm doing wrong i have try everything and so I left it as it was with the mojave installation
  2. So Clover 4961 are the best for my setup i think, i can get security updates without problems. Other and newer clover version with same config, drivers, kexts etc are not working. And i do some modifications to my EFI folder like fresh kexts, graphics calibrations etc. I have wifi via "Heliport", sound, usb etc all going well. Is this safe and possible to upgrade to Big Sur (via software update or clean installation)? for some reason i cant upgrade to catalina. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvvcsjjfcd2byyd/clover 16.2.2021.rar?dl=0
  3. I'm use 0x01660004 in clover options at laptop in inject intel kext section and starts to installation screen. Lets see. Thank you Herve, i will inform you for results!!!
  4. Bios A20 CPU Intel i3-3130MCPU @ 2.60GHz Graphics are Intel HD 4000 1600*900 64MB memory, video bios version 2158v12. panel 14.0" HD+ So i found a working clover for high sierra and now i try it with the dmg of mojave from my VM. I dont know if that EFI is combatible yet with mojave dell efi.zip
  5. Thank you for response! i've try this quide and in combination with transmac and bdu only i have is reboots. with custom EFI folders also. that method i use for mojave, catalina and big sur also. Then i've searching entire forum for ivy bridge and i found only a guide for maverics. i have a VM running to mojave without problems but i cant install clover in there.
  6. Hello there. i'm trying to install high sierra with varius methods arround net without results. mojave, catalina without result also. i dont have access to mac to download official dmg/iso. i have some experience but now i dont have a mac to make installers etc. is a working guide without need of mac out there for my dell? Ivy bridge, i3, 8gb ram, 120GB HDD. Thanks a lot greetings
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