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  1. Thank you, I get it working with gdpmod=vit9696 boot argument with SMBIOS MacBookPro15,2 (was MacBookPro15,1) and Index 1, BusID: 0x01, Pipe: 18, Flags: 0x00000187 in connectors in Hackintool @Jake Lo - thanks
  2. I don't have Display port on this laptop, only HDMI and VGA or should I buy Type-C to DisplayPort adapter?
  3. Hey I have Dell Latitude 5591 (Dell 0F4TD7) with Intel UHD 630 and core i5-8400H (exactly H, mobile CPU) and able to get working my GPU (see screenshot), but the only problem is that no HDMI signal for external monitor. Tried to patch every device-id that Hackintool provides, some of them causes system crash, some of them nothing changed. Also tried with inject intel in my clover, still the same. Can you guys push me in right direction to able my HDMI working. Here is my EFI folder (sorry for the mess inside, this is the only config that working) : https://drive.google.com
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