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  1. I'm sorry for the lack of clarity, I'm dyslexic, I'm sorry in advance, but before I was on windows and the webcam worked perfectly, and I don't know how to disable XhciPortLimit
  2. I'm coming back to you because I still can't get the webcam to work. I made the modification in the config.plist but still nothing and now I'm dry. EFI 7280
  3. ha in the Config.plist file you have to rename USBInjectall to USBmap f I understand well. ?
  4. I just tested the Kext and the webcam and still not functional.
  5. Wait, I'm re-posting my EFI file because there were some changes that the very first EFI I posted: EFI OC 0.6.9 7280
  6. I looked in the bios and the webcam is active but in Hackintool I don't know which port it is for the webcam.
  7. I just checked in system report it doesn't detect anything for the webcam and in hackintool I see nothing unless I don't know which port knows for the webcam in Hackintool.
  8. Hi, I'd like to come back to you because for the moment the Hack is running like clockwork but the webcam is not working and I haven't managed to make it work. Thanks again in advance
  9. thanks to your kext usb map my keyboard and trackball lotigech works but still not the integrated webcam does it work on you?
  10. I'm coming back to you because I tried to map my usb ports but without success someone could help me otherwise I succeeded without problem to pass the SMBIOS in MacBookPro13,1. I re-post my OC EFI file here : Oc 0.6.9 MacBookPro 13,1
  11. ok if I switch to a MacBook Pro 13,1 my usb type-C port that I use for the charger will still work ? I've never done it before and I'm sure I'll get some help on it, but if I don't, I'll be able to modify SMBIOS as I know how to do it.
  12. Here is my EFI OC file on a reliable link : EFI OC 0.6.9
  13. Hello everyone, I installed macOS Big Sur with OC 0.6.9 but I have some issues the trackpad works but it is not recognized in the Preference Panel so I can't slide horizontally, only vertically a usb dongle for the mouse and keyboard doesn't work when connected but a usb key does SMBIOS for MacbookPro13,2 is set but "About this Mac" reports a Core i7 when my CPU is actually a Core i5 webcam doesn't work I have my EFI OC below: thanks in advance for your help
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