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  1. yes!!! thank you @Jake Lo very very much !! It's working. i changed SMBIOS MBP13,1 ,thanks for your time. I will share my EFI for the community to have a hackintosh with a Dell Latitude E5470.
  2. I only have the integrated video card Intel HD 530, even here is IOReg file with the HDMI connected, if you can see something. thank a lot ! dell_E5470.zip
  3. it did not work with con2. One thing to keep in mind is that I don't have a battery, the battery ran out, I don't know if it is influencing the hdmi configuration.
  4. i'm sorry ,i mistake delete key PlatformInfo , added in this config.plist. but still dont work hdmi output. config_e5470 3.plist.zip
  5. don't working. i don't know my NVRAM configurations is right thank you @Jake Lo
  6. Thank you @Jake Lo for your help i changed Con0 to Con1 but don't work. hdmi external monitor is black screen and no signal present. Hickitool i see this configuration.
  7. Hi i need help to configuration GPU hakintosh Dell Latitude E5470 with OC 0.6.6 Big sur 11.2.1 all componet works fine , but output hdmi port and VGA dont work . CPU : Intel Core i7 6820HQ GPU: Intel HD 530. thank a lot. config_e5470.plist.zip
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