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  1. Edit: I've managed to extract dosdude1's Catalina patcher, specifically the "post-install" app. I ran the app manually in the macOS installation environment via the terminal and installed the required fixes using "MacBookPro8,1" as the chosen machine. My SMBIOS in clover is still MacBookPro9,1 but I think that wouldn't make any difference since dosdude1's patcher included a "-no_compat_check" equivalent extension installed in the System. Credit fully goes to dosdude1's amazing app and without his app this wouldn't be possible. Also, I wanna thanks Hervé for helping me all the way with resolving this issue. Thanks Hervé!
  2. I’m not sure if this is a miracle or what. First, I’ve managed to boot the Catalina installer off USB and got it installed. I’ve successfully completed all 3 stages of the setup with only DSDT, ssdt and SSDT-EC. I’ve modified the default config.plist that came with Clover. Kexts are exactly the same as the ones found in the E6220 Mojave bootpack. SMBIOS is MacBookPro9,1 Not really sure if this is reproduce-able but I will attach my Clover folder once I get everything set up. Against all odds, everything works fine. Edit: I've tried this exact method with macOS 10.15.4 Catalina but it won't work except for stage 1 and stage 2 install while the stage 3 install stucks at console with cursor movement and voiceover audio. I'm currently running macOS 10.15.7 Catalina build 19H15.
  3. Alright then. I'll try with Catalina 10.15.7 and report back here if there's any issue. Edit: It seems that the latest downloadable Catalina is build 19H15. I hope it wouldn't cause anything unexpected.
  4. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t boot to the desktop. The voiceover audio is still there but after I wiped clean my Clover directory and replaced all those tables and kexts as you've suggested, the mouse cursor doesn’t show up anymore. I've attached my Clover folder just in case. CLOVER.zip
  5. I followed Hervé’s guide on installing macOS 10.15.4 Catalina. The installation boots fine during the 1st stage (startosinstall) and 2nd stage install (reboot and continue). I got an error during the 2nd stage install but I think that shouldn’t be a problem. I rebooted the laptop and continued with the 3rd stage (setting up user account etc.) but was unable to do so. I can move my cursor but I am unable to boot into the desktop. This is really weird since I am stuck in console but the cursor works. If I click on anything, the cursor disappears. I created the ssdt.aml for my i7-2620M using ssdtPRGen. DSDT.aml is taken from Hervé’s E6220 macOS High Sierra bootpack and SSDT-EC.aml is taken from Hervé’s E6220 macOS Catalina guide. I removed those extra SSDT-*.aml from the macOS Mojave bootpack as those caused kernel panics. My Clover files are attached. Edit: This time, there is a voice asking me to “use voiceover to setup the mac”. I have no idea how to continue when I’m just stuck in the console. CLOVER.zip
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply. I've found the relevant code and made some changes. Brightness works normally via the function key now. Thanks!
  7. I can't seem to get the brightness Fn keys (UP & DOWN) working after upgrading to Mojave. I have been using the DSDT.aml from Jake Lo's Dell Latitude/Inspiron/Precision/Vostro/XPS -  Clover Guide "E6220_A13_HS.zip" as I found it to be working well with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I've also tried Hervé's DSDT.aml but none of them worked under High Sierra and Mojave, for me at least. I've opened up the DSDT.aml MaciASL and found that this code seems to be responsible for the brightness keys Method (_Q66, 0, NotSerialized) // _Qxx: EC Query, xx=0x00-0xFF { If ((ECRD != One)) { Return (Zero) } NEVT () Return (Zero) } This code is present in both Hervé and Jake Lo's DSDT.aml and for some reason only Jake Lo's version worked under High Sierra for me. I also found this tutorial from InsanelyMac, GUIDE: How to Fix Brightness hotkeys in DSDT but the guide isn't going to work for the E6220 as both Fn UP and Fn DOWN keys gave the same response, "_Q66" This is what I've obtained from debugging the DSDT.aml with the help of ACPIDebug.kext and patching DSDT.aml with "Add DSDT Debug Methods" and "Instrument EC Queries" Growtopias-MacBook-Pro:MountEFI-update growtopiajaw$ log show --last 5 | grep ACPIDebug 2021-05-26 22:55:06.733105+0800 0x18e Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (ACPIDebug) ACPIDebug: "EC _Q66 enter" 2021-05-26 22:55:06.912525+0800 0x18e Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (ACPIDebug) ACPIDebug: "EC _Q66 enter" 2021-05-26 22:55:07.092614+0800 0x18e Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (ACPIDebug) ACPIDebug: "EC _Q66 enter" 2021-05-26 22:55:10.467899+0800 0x18e Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (ACPIDebug) ACPIDebug: "EC _Q66 enter" 2021-05-26 22:55:10.668061+0800 0x18e Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (ACPIDebug) ACPIDebug: "EC _Q66 enter" As you can see, the detected keystrokes are exactly the same but in reality, those are 2 different keys Fn UP & Fn Down So, in conclusion has anyone managed to get the brightness keys working under Mojave? Thanks.
  8. Which processor do you have exactly? I have successfully installed HS on my Latitude E6220 2 days ago. My E6220 has an i7-2620M. I've used my own archive of vanilla HS 10.13.6 installer with the latest version of clover currently available. Did you change the date before installing and make sure SATA mode is set in the bios? I suspect some boot arguments, kext or ssdt/dsdt might be missing and trigger a force reboot. I used legacy boot when installing HS and reverted back to uefi for post-install. I hope this would be helpful.
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