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  1. If I put all your EFI and replace part of the config.plist : from<key>Misc</key>..<key>Boot</key> to the begining of <key>Entries</key> => I'm able to see the opencore menu but stuck at an Lilu error now. Don't know if it's progress or not =/
  2. I replace all my EFI folder by this one but I didn't get the open core menu to show off. So I put back mine EFI and replace only the BOOT folder for start =>ok I can see back the opencore boot menu but that's not helping. Then replace the ACPI folder by yours an reload the config.plist with ProperTree => Still IOConsoleUsers error Replace the kexts folder with the properTree reload => got stuck still near IOConsoleUsers error Replace the config.plist by yours again with properTree refresh => the only boot choice now in the OpenCore menu is Windows.
  3. I made my OpenCore config. Someone can check if I did it right ? OC.zip
  4. Looking to the dxxdiag result I saw Alps Touchpad but I'm not sure it's a I2C touchpad or a PS2 Touchpad. Windows device manager says HID compliant mouse on I2C HID Device but in the dxdiag the hid compliant mouse is located in ps2 Ethernet is a Realteck usb-c adaptater : RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Wifi looks compatible the 8265 isin the MVM Gen 1 (IWM) compatibility tab from openintelwireless.github.io I know how to get a usb with big sur on it but I don't know how to configure OC for my latitude DxDiag.zip
  5. Hello I'm wondering if it's possible to run big sur in my Latitude 7285 it's an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 with a i7-7Y75 & Intel HD Graphics 615. Thank you in advance for your response.
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