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  1. Could the sound issue (not working with layout-id = 3) be with SSDT? Can you help me fix the sound?
  2. Sound doesn't work with layout-id=3. ALC668 is determined and I see the perception of mic but there is no sound. It works only with 27 and 29 with cracking noise Change of region didn't help. WiFi still not response Maybe I should replace wifi card? What WiFi card is better Fenvi BCM 94360NG or BCM94352Z?
  3. Open Core 0.6.9 Big Sur 11.4 has been installed Sound works but with some annoying cracking noise and short interrupting with layout-id 27 and 29 I chose 27. I connected external usb sound interface Lexicon Lambda and sound works with the same cracking noise Bluetooth starts working only after waking up after sleep mode I still don't know how to launch WiFi. Tried everything. Changed Intel AX200 card to Intell AC 7265 card and nothing. Back to Intel AX 200 again still no Wi Fi EFI.7z Sound problem.7z ioreg2.ioreg
  4. Proper ioreg is in attachment MacOS BigSur v.11.3.1 ioreg1.ioreg
  5. Thanks Enable 'Legacy Option ROMS' in the BIOS helped to fix display. I've installed MacOS BigSur on DeLL XPS 9q33 (Windows10 Dual Boot ) with a bunch of errors: I can't launch WiFi and Bluetooth. Intel AX200 card I tried itlwm.kext+HeliPort app+IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext but still doesn't work. Sound doesn't work Realtek ALC 668 no identify Could you help please to solve these problems? EFI.7z Here is ioreg file also ioreg.ioreg
  6. I have these errors during installation MacOS BigSur with OpenCore 0.6.9: EFI.7z
  7. Hello! I have DeLL XPS 12 9q33 with the same parameters as stated in this thread. DELL XPS 12-9Q33 Intel Core i7-4510 (Haswell) Intel HD 4400 I try to install BigSur with OpenCore. Could you share your working EFI folder please? Thanks in advance
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