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  1. I inserted two disks by now - disabled the disks in bios setting - but the installer keeps failing. Archiv.zip attached are the 3 error logs I had
  2. If I do that, the dell will warn me about not having a disk installed and won't boot to the installer at all.
  3. I'm happy to tryout a different drive. Any recommendations?
  4. opencore-2021-05-18-082307.txt.zipDid that, install seem to have crashed as before From what I see, the config should match the other ones here
  5. perhaps a dump question: should I run ProperTree afterwards for opencore to know that NVMEFix is installed?
  6. I tried @ONRAEFI and got this error if I'm not pressing 2 fast enough: opencore-2021-05-18-070521.txt.zip As suggested, I set up a catalina disk and will test that out now strangely enough, the install uns a bit longer, but hangs afterwards
  7. I feel foolish to ask - but to which EFI? The file you added that miss-matching open cores.. the ones from other ones don't install but I don't see where to add it. Would you mind setting me up with an new EFI-Folder ? Perhaps @denkteichcan help, too? So i took your EFI, updated opencore to match and added the comment. this is the error I get: the EFI as it stands it too big to attach opencore-2021-05-15-182235.txt.zip
  8. Hi all, did try out the different EFIs again and again, but nothing seems to work
  9. Tried it with Big Sur Installer, but the error remains the same seems not all opencore files are the same. I updated the the files and now get to: I then tried got to press install macos, the apple logo appears but it stuck there seemingly. With no error message, it stays there. The fans begin to drive high but nothing happens for a very long time
  10. I'm ending up with this: Can this be because I used the Catalina FIle instead of Big Sur?
  11. @Jake Lowhich prep. do you suggestion? there are a few different ways to prepare the stick with macos, which guide should I follow before the EFI Folder?
  12. Hello, I own a Latitude 5510 too. I've read this 5510 thread but sadly, all my try outs failed. My system's specs: 10th gen. Comet Lake i5-10210U UHD 620 graphics 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 Non-ECC Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2x2 802.11ax 160 MHz + Bluetooth 5.1 Could any of you point me to a working prep. for the macOS install and perhaps the EFI Folder with OC prepared? I'd be thankful. My last Hackintosh was not that hard
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