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  1. @Jake Lo thank you, but still no luck.
  2. Thank you @Jake Lo I replaced the Airport...._BS kext with one for Monterey. Now I have WiFi, but the Bluetooth is turned off, and even when the switch can be moved right to the on position, it still does not work. Any clues on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you @Jake Lo. I downloaded your OC 0.7.4 EFI folder from the provided link, used the Config.plist meant for Intel WiFi, modified with my GenSMSBios info and since Alps v7 did not work, I went back to the Apple PS2 and Voodoo PS2 controllers. The OS did update to Monterey this time, but as you can see on the screen capture, WiFi is off, and the switch for turning it on is disabled... Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys, I've been running macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 without any trouble on my Dell Latitude E7270 under OpenCore. I tried to update to Monterey going to App Store, searching for macOS Monterey and clicking "get". The 12 Gb download completes, then the installation window and when rebooting, the installation gets stuck on the screen you can see on the attached picture. I tried to attach my EFI folder, but given its size, I wasn't able to. So I uploaded it and you can download it on the following link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/aefaf629821a0ac2862dc0a19d669db420211203152125/fa1b40d3a98c8abbec09538f8a03c5e220211203152200/fcc471 Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Thank you Jake! I replaced the 3 SSDT files I had on my ACPI folder with the 2nd DSDT.aml file you sent me, I replaced my config.plist with yours and tried booting. The result was what I am showing on the attached picture. I suspected that was because you edited an old config.plist file of mine (I changed the touchpad kext), so I performed a "clean snapshot", and tried booting again. This time the laptop did boot, but still no battery information and the webcam not working. Did I do anything wrong?
  6. @Jazzoo Thank you for your recommendation. As I've stated on a different post (see here) I carried out an experiment which I think proved that my BIOS setup is OK. I found a friend who owns a Latitude 7490 identical to mine. He paid a guy for hackintoshing it and is currently running Big Sur 11.1 I used his EFI folder on the EFI partition of a USB stick I prepared with Olarila's image (Big Sur 11.5.1) and went through the first part where I formatted the internal drive and then began copying all the files to it. But after the first reboot, when I chose to boot to macOS installer (what the first part left on my hard drive), after the apple logo appears on screen, the laptop suddenly resets itself and begins from zero the process with the recovery menu. After that I swapped the hard drives and MY laptop booted with my friend's hard drive and everything worked fine. This has made me think that maybe the EFI folder needs to be slightly different when you use Big Sur 11.1 than when you use 11.5.1 and was wondering if anyone could help me with the required modifications.
  7. Thanks for your reply, @Jake Lo I've verified and the SSDs are also identical except for their serial numbers, check out both pictures I took of them. Any other clues on what to check/modify on the EFI folder? This is driving me crazy! Please I need help.
  8. Helo guys, I've been unsuccessfully trying to hackintosh my Dell Latitude 7490 for weeks now. I know a guy who has exactly the same laptop, every single component is the same. He paid a guy for hackintoshing it with Big Sur 11.1 I performed the following experiment: 1- Copied his EFI folder using MonutEFI and pasted it onto a USB "burnt" with Olarila's Big Sur 11.5.1 image. 2- I used the pen drive for installing on my laptop and after the first part, when booting onto macOS Installer, the laptops restarts itself and goes back to the recovery menu. 3- I swapped the SSD drives and MY laptop boots perfectly with his hackintosh SSD and every single component works just like in his laptop. But when I tried to use the USB to install Big Sur on his laptop with my SSD the same unexpected restart occurred. I think I've confirmed with the experiment that my laptop should be hackintoshable and that its BIOS settings are OK, right? Is it possible that the EFI folder should be modified if the macOS version changes from 11.1 to 11.5.1? Can anybody please help me with those modifications?
  9. @Jake Lo I downloaded Olarila's Big Sur 11.5.1 image and Burnt it to a USB. Then replaced Olarila's EFI with this one you shared. I can't boot the installer... a few lines appear on the screen and after that the laptop restarts. I've been going crazy trying to hackintosh my Latitude 7490 for months now. I think Big Sur 11.5.1 had not been released on July 19th, when you shared the EFI... is it possible that for 11.5.1 it needs some adjustments?
  10. Guys! I've been on vacations a couple of weeks and I am happy to see that some others had the same trouble as me and the community managed to help them. Just to wrap up: can anybody please share with me the best (best=most devices working properly) Working EFI that I can paste onto Olarila's Big Sur 11.5.1 image and install on my Latitude 7490 with intel i7 8650U and UHD 620 graphics? I will obviously change the SMBIOS part of the config.plist file. Thanks in advance!
  11. Thank you @Bronxteck for your reply. I've successfully hackintoshed 3 other computers, and have seen the multiple reboots in all of them. The difference is that when everything goes OK, after reboot, you boot from the drive where the macOS is being installed. In this case, when I managed to boot the online installation usb, after downloading it resets, tries to boot from the installation drive, immediately resets again and then in the OpenCore picker if I continue to choose to boot from the installation drive it leads to nothing, it always resets itself, leaving me with the only option of starting the process all over.
  12. Hello @Jake Lo! I did that, using mountEFI and replacing the one on the USB with that of @quynkk5, and the result was the following (you can see it on a video I captured here). 1- The bootpicker appeared. 2- I chose "Install macOS Big Sur". 3- The verbose began. 4- At some point it got trapped in an infinite loop which can be seen at the end of the video. Anyone who can help me solve this please?
  13. Would you please send me the link for downloading Olarila's boot disk in order to be sure I'm doing things right?
  14. I tried, and the laptop reboots itself a few seconds after choosing the offline installation USB to boot from in the OpenCore picker. I am absolutely frustrated, I feel I've tried everything and still no luck. I ovbiously need help from someone who really knows what hackintoshing is all about. Up to now, the closest I feel I've been to hackintoshing my Latitude E7490 with Intel i7 8650U cpu is with the EFI provided by @quynkk5 which covers the first part of the online installation (fails after first reboot) and has not made the trackpad operative. Please, I beg anyone reading this to try to prepare an OpenCore EFI Folder and sharing it with me. On my own, there's nothing else I think I can do. The Hardware is the following: Processor: Intel i7 8650U @1.9 MHz WiFi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Ethernet: Intel I219-LM Intel Bluetooth Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 Sound: Realtek ALC3246 Hard drive:Toshiba 512GB SSD Firmware version 01.19.0 I would be really thankful if someone could build and share with me a working EFI folder for this laptop. Thank you very much in advance. Thank you, I found the two options you refer two which should be handled in tandem, and they were OK. If you are kind of expert, I would muy appreciate your help building a working EFI folder for this laptop and sharing it with me.
  15. The 7490 did boot to the online usb installer. I connected to WiFi, erased the hard drive, partitioned for installing Windows on the other partition and began installing. After the screen which shows a hard drive, a blue progress bar and the time remaining, the PC should boot to the apple logo with the time remaining below. But after the apple logo appears, instead of showing time remaining the pc resets itself and begins the whole process again. Has anybody heard of something that strange? @quynkk5, @Jake Lo, @Hervé, any ideas on why could it be booting to the download part of the installation but not to the part with the apple logo and the time remaining below? Feels like I'm so close, yet so far too...
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