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  1. Thank you @Bronxteck for your reply. I've successfully hackintoshed 3 other computers, and have seen the multiple reboots in all of them. The difference is that when everything goes OK, after reboot, you boot from the drive where the macOS is being installed. In this case, when I managed to boot the online installation usb, after downloading it resets, tries to boot from the installation drive, immediately resets again and then in the OpenCore picker if I continue to choose to boot from the installation drive it leads to nothing, it always resets itself, leaving me with the only option of starting the process all over.
  2. Hello @Jake Lo! I did that, using mountEFI and replacing the one on the USB with that of @quynkk5, and the result was the following (you can see it on a video I captured here). 1- The bootpicker appeared. 2- I chose "Install macOS Big Sur". 3- The verbose began. 4- At some point it got trapped in an infinite loop which can be seen at the end of the video. Anyone who can help me solve this please?
  3. Would you please send me the link for downloading Olarila's boot disk in order to be sure I'm doing things right?
  4. I tried, and the laptop reboots itself a few seconds after choosing the offline installation USB to boot from in the OpenCore picker. I am absolutely frustrated, I feel I've tried everything and still no luck. I ovbiously need help from someone who really knows what hackintoshing is all about. Up to now, the closest I feel I've been to hackintoshing my Latitude E7490 with Intel i7 8650U cpu is with the EFI provided by @quynkk5 which covers the first part of the online installation (fails after first reboot) and has not made the trackpad operative. Please, I beg anyone reading this to try to prepare an OpenCore EFI Folder and sharing it with me. On my own, there's nothing else I think I can do. The Hardware is the following: Processor: Intel i7 8650U @1.9 MHz WiFi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Ethernet: Intel I219-LM Intel Bluetooth Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 Sound: Realtek ALC3246 Hard drive:Toshiba 512GB SSD Firmware version 01.19.0 I would be really thankful if someone could build and share with me a working EFI folder for this laptop. Thank you very much in advance. Thank you, I found the two options you refer two which should be handled in tandem, and they were OK. If you are kind of expert, I would muy appreciate your help building a working EFI folder for this laptop and sharing it with me.
  5. The 7490 did boot to the online usb installer. I connected to WiFi, erased the hard drive, partitioned for installing Windows on the other partition and began installing. After the screen which shows a hard drive, a blue progress bar and the time remaining, the PC should boot to the apple logo with the time remaining below. But after the apple logo appears, instead of showing time remaining the pc resets itself and begins the whole process again. Has anybody heard of something that strange? @quynkk5, @Jake Lo, @Hervé, any ideas on why could it be booting to the download part of the installation but not to the part with the apple logo and the time remaining below? Feels like I'm so close, yet so far too...
  6. Thank you @quynkk5 I'm not familiar with patching with VoodooI2C... Is that a Kext that needs to be copied to the EFI/OC/KEXTS folder and then perform a Clean Snapshot of the config.plist with ProperTree?
  7. Thank you @quynkk5, number 1 solved! Now installing using an external USB mouse. Any clue on how to solve 2 would be very much appreciated.
  8. Hello @quynkk5 and @Jake Lo! Thank you both very much for your help. I tried the second version of the 7490 EFI shared by @quynkk5. This time it did boot onto the OS Recovery, but a couple of strange things happened: 1- When opening the Disk Utility for erasing the hard drive, even when I click on View - Show All Devices, my hard drive is not shown. 2- The trackpad does not work. However, if I connect an external USB mouse, it works perfectly. 3- Even when the trackpad does not work, if I wait for the keyboard lights to go off, when I put my finger on the trackpad the keys backlights turn on again. Any clue on how to fix 1 and 2 would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello @Jake Lo! The drive is a SK hynix SC311 SATA 512GB On the following link you'll be able to see the video which shows from the moment I chose on the picker the USB installation to boot from until the Panic screen: https://youtu.be/G8qVZiUWz6c Hope this helps you identify the problem in order to help me. Thank you very much.
  10. Thank you very much @quynkk5!! Unfortunately I've tried both of the EFI folders one on the E7490 and the other on the 3390, and in both cases the same happened: - Picker appears - Selected Reset NVRAM - Reboot - picker appears for a 2nd time - Selected the installation usb drive - Panic (see picture) Any clue on what may be wrong?
  11. Thank you very much, @quynkk5! I am attaching the DSDT dumped from my Latitude E7490 which is the one on which I am trying to install Big Sur right now. Do you think there is something wrong with the SSDTs and you are going to create and send me the correct ones? I am planning on hackintoshing a couple more computers, so if you could help me understand how to prepare correctly the SSDTs, I would much appreciate it. In case it is too complex for a proper explanation or a couple of links to read and learn, would you please also help me with the Latitude 3390 I'll try to hackintosh right after the 7490? I am attaching the dumped DSDT of the 3390 too. Once again thank you very much! DSDTs Latitude E7490 and 3390.zip
  12. @Jake Lo I've seen in many threads valuable help from you too. I tried the EFI Herve recommended my from Swung0x48 and preparing my own following Dortania's guide, manually editing the 4 SSDTs. Have you got any ideas on how to get to boot the USB installer for Big Sur with OpenCore on my Latitude E7490? Thank you.
  13. Thank you @Hervé! I downloaded the OpenCore EFI folder you suggested me from this link. It got stuck at the screen with the Apple logo So I gathered courage and followed Dortania's guide for Kaby Lake Refresh, manually creating the four SSDTs. After the OpenCore picker shows up in which I chose the installation USB, the verbose began with tons of text rushing through the screen until it got stuck on the state shown on the attached picture. Any help you can provide me? Looks like something is wrong with the USB right? I am using USBInjectAll kext since the guide said it shouldn't be needed on DESKTOP Skylake and newer... Should I delete it?
  14. Hello everyone. I'm new both in this webpage and in the hackintosh community in general. I tried to install Big Sur on my Dell Latitude E7490 7490 using the OpenCore 0.7.0 EFI Folder for a Dell Latitude E7470 at the very bottom on the followin link: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/9179-dell-latitude-e7x70-installation-guides-uefi-only-clover-and-opencore/ As you can imagine it did not work. But I was hoping that since E7470 and 7490 are very similar laptops, adapting one for the other would be easier than starting from scratch. Would any of you please guide me on how to adapt that EFI Folder (OpenCore 0.7.0 for E7470) for my laptop (E7490 7490)? I would like to learn, so that in the future I can hackintosh any other PC, but if it is too dificult, let's be honest, I'm far from being a technology expert, I would be thankful if you sent me the proper EFI folder. In case it helps, here are the main hardware parts: Processor: Intel i7 8650U Intel Bluetooth Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Intel UHD Graphics 620 Realtek Audio Thank you very much in advance.
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