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  1. thanks a lot!) I've got a success!!! There are only 2 bugs: 1. internal microphone and doesn't work 2. hdmi doesn't properly could you help me with them?
  2. I've checked all these BIOS settings, but still have this issue I'm planning to install masOS over Windows with formatting all available space. Also I tried to download BaseSystem.dmg a 3 times to avoid checksum error and using damaged images, but still see same Opencore bootloader image with NONAME and error 00:000 00:000 OCB: DMG has been altered 00:009 00:009 OCB: LoadImage failed - Unsupported All my tries was with EFI from topic starter. Just downloaded/copied it to USB flash drive and created folder com.apple.recovery.boot. Then put BaseSystem.dmg and BaseSystem.chunklist to this folder
  3. help me pls to install macos on e5570. I have a i5 6440hq, intel hd530 gpu, 8gb ram, ac8260 wifi&bluetooth, 256gb ssd Can not make usb bootable with opencore and macOS bigsur ((( opencore bootloader doesn't show me macOS install option( I have a one partition on usb drive a folder structure is: [EFI] [com.apple.recovery.boot]
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