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  1. Is that something I run on macos? (sorry real new at this.) I got it working, I found another EFI post and another user posted a working catalina EFI.. I dropped it in and all but the WiFi is working, but I expected that not to work.. Woohoo!
  2. Followed the guiides, I have OSx Catalina installed, but the wired ethernet reports it is not plugged in.. I verified the cable is good, and if I boot up into a live linux disk the internet works fine. I also cannot get the track pad to be detected. I got the book pack from this thread but it did not appear to do anything. I copied the files into the EFI/Clover directory as directed. Was that not the correct place to put it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. System Specs, Dell Lattitude E5450, I5 5300u, 16G Ram, 250G SSD. Thanks! -F
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