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  1. I know that, but thanks to this file today I’m able to boot using OC, I’m just used as base to boot, I need to change that, and I’m getting some errors in edit a new config.pls, thanks so much to share it
  2. Hi guys, After 3 days testing and testing, now i'm able to boot using OC 0.6.5 \o/ \o/ BUT lol i 'm having some issue to boot catalina using OC. I'll post here my errors and the EFI that i'm using, the same of dell vostro as we talked here. I do try change the PlataformInfo without success, i'm got the kernel panic error on booting the system. Thanks
  3. hi guys, I do install Mac OS cataline successfully using clover r5133 working fine, but when I tried to update to Bir sur, I got this error. attached I did read in this topic, link below, and is there a command to update to Big Sur and I tried that without success. sudo nvram msu-product-url="msu-product-url://$(diskutil info /System/Volumes/Data | grep "Volume UUID" | awk '{print $3}')/macOS%2520Install%2520Data" did you see that error before? what I can do to pass this update, because now this update removed my cataline installation =/ I'll try create a oc pen drive too, because I have no idea why clover are not pass the update/instalation.
  4. I’ll try use clover r5133 as you shown me and i will send here my results.
  5. I read that too but without success, i used "mini partition tools" in windows 10 to do it. in this case, is prefer do all the efi process in windows to work or using mac os i can do it correctly to? in tried in both rs I'll check that. what clover version is good to install big sur ? i'm using 5139 but i'm able to see you using 5133
  6. I tried to use this and I got this error, as you can see attached I'm using a22 bios revision, the last avaiable
  7. hello, clover version 5139, do I used this site to upload my efi. https://filebin.net/nzajpjhpci3105wf the error that I got was, An Error Occurred While Preparing the Installation just last 12 minutos of the end installation, in this step I'm stuck using clover. I tried to do it via update but after restating I got the error in update. I tried to change the date via terminal, via bios, but I got the same error An Error Occurred While Preparing the Installation because of that I'd to try the OpenCore, but in this machine I need to set OpenCore in legacy mode.
  8. hi guys, could you please tell me if is possible enable OpenCore boot on dell optplex 790 series? I already using Mac OS Mojave and I'm able to install Mac OS Catalina, but when I tried to install Mac OS Big Sur using clover I got an error message. i'm trying to install Big Sur and I used other computer to install the system, but clover are not able to boot the system, the big sur partition are not shown on the clover menu. my config intel i5 2400 3,10ghz up to 3,40 ghz 16gb ram ssd 480gb kingston Nvidia gt 710 1gb
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