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  1. Hey all, got a T480s on Monterey and I'm having an issue with SMBios. Suggestions on Dortania guide suggest using MacbookPro14,3. However, every other installation that I've seen in my research for this model shows a MacbookPro15,X (Since it's Kaby lake R i7-8550U). None of the Serial numbers generated are from the 2017-18 era that this processor was released. I only get 2019 models with i7-9750H on MacbookPro15,1. Is this gonna cause any noticeable issue? This machine has only been running for a day or so on this smbios, and I have yet to put it through the ropes.
  2. @Hervé @Jake Lo Thank you both so much. You're truly gods among men. Audio is working via HDMI!
  3. @Jake Lo re: this thread, can you elaborate on what you're changing? I have this same model laptop and have attempted a few changes for ALCID. I'm using opencore though? Changing ALCID to one of the other available values yields me the "line out" option in sound, but not HDMI out.
  4. apologies... I'm working on another latitude that DOES have a dell wifi card. This e5550 has the intel card. @HervéThanks for sticking me in the right spot. This is indeed intel wifi. I'll pull the back off and verify, but I believe this unit has the 8260 Intel wifi card. I was afraid that it was trying to die on me... Just wanted to know if anyone else had seen the issues that I have been. I know Broadcom cards are the way to go, so It's probably time to invest in one of those.
  5. Hey all, Got an e5550 with dell wifi card working with Monterey with OpenCore using itlwm. The wifi drops now and again, almost like it's overheating or something? Has anyone else seen this issue?
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