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  1. laotop: lenovo X230 wwan card : em7455 lenovo version MacOS :10.15.5 I put the sierra wireless em7455 in my Sandy Bridge/HD4000 X230 laptop . it's good work in windows and linux then i want it work in Catalina 10.15.5 The usb and wwan is show hardware ,but not work So i think maybe need enable com6 or com8 , I try it, but not sucessful what's command that i can do it Thanks
  2. When I plug in the em7305 network card and sim card in my X230 machine The computer can go online normally After the lsusb command is entered, three usb devices are displayed (ttyUSB0 ttyUSB1 and ttyUSB2) What command do I need to enter, then I can get the link em7305 and I can enter AT commands Thanks again
  3. Yes, I just typed this command and prompted an error code Cannot exec'/dev/tty.wwan':No such ffile or directory Is there another step that needs to be set? Thanks
  4. Confirmed MC7710 good working on 10.13.6 MACOS
  5. I am use Ubuntu OS The em7305 wwan card good work in Linux and Windows 10 I can see em7305 hardware in terminal but i don't know how to use AT command Could you help me .thanks
  6. what‘s code type in terminial in linux OS (Ubuntu 21.10), then i can get screen and talk with sierra wireless card AT command I test screen /dev/tty.wwan 115200 , but fail Thanks
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