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  1. If someone wants you can help me I would appreciate it very much. My specs are: CPU: AM Ryzen 5 2500u GPU: Radeon vega 8 Display: 1920x1080 Audio: Realtek ALC255 Disk: M.2 TeamGroup MP33 512Gb Wireless: Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac
  2. hi, can I install macos on a laptop with ryzen CPU?
  3. I could not find it but it does not bother me, I already have almost everything, but I would like to put the OpenCore GUI BOOT when I start my laptop, you can help me, I have tried but I can not. Image example:
  4. OMG!!!!! This is incredible all is working. I do not know if it will be too much trouble but I would like to know if there is any way to make the airdrop and the microphone of my headphones work
  5. Yes the slider brightness is working and I only press f11 to lower the bolt and f12 to raise the brightness
  6. No working display brightness keys, bluetooth and audio sometimes is lose but this working when i change the microphone EFI.zip
  7. Sorry for not responding, after putting the last configuration that you sent me, the keys still do not work and the touchpad stopped working, I can't publish the IOReg file because I can't open anything without the touchpad and I don't have any mouse with me at the moment.
  8. Well, only the one to reduce the brightness works but it is not the one that appears on my keyboard.
  9. OMG!!! thank you for this, everything works completely for me including the touchpad gestures but the brightness keys still do not work.
  10. Well, I finally managed to start my laptop with the EFI they gave me but the touchpad still does not work
  11. When I put the folder in the EFI partition of my USB it does not appear in the boot options.
  12. CPU: Intel Core i5-6440HQ GPU: Intel Graphics 530 Display: 1920x1080 Touchpad: Alps Audio: Realtek ALC256 M.2: TeamGroup MP33 512Gb Wireless: Intel 8265NGW
  13. Hi, install MacOS Big Sur on my Dell latitude 5480 laptop, everything works except: -Touchpad -Display brightness keys -Ethernet I tried to solve everything from this forum but I had no success, besides that if you can help me to better organize my EFI folder and update the OpenCore version. My EFI folder, I can't upload here for the size. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jlt7356qjhvcp/EFI
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