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  1. Solved - to add the port for BT, I added a port to the Info.plist inside USBPorts.kext - this works! Thanks again for having shared, @fmac! <key>HS11</key> <dict> <key>UsbConnector</key> <integer>255</integer> <key>port</key> <data> DAAAAA== </data> </dict>
  2. @fmac re: your post in this thread is excellent. I have a question: When you mapped the USB ports, did you map the internal one? I connected a PCI card carrying the Broadcom wifi and BT out of a MacBook Pro. BT uses the internal HS12 USB port, but I'm not able to enable it. (I tried to edit the info.plist in your USB kext, but that caused it to panic.)
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