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  1. hi, I proceeded to insert the line IOHIDFamily in the config.plist file, but I have not been able to restart the dell.
  2. I kindly ask you for a little patience .... I am recently entering the hackintosh world ..... can you help me with a guide or explain me in detail how to do it .... thanks
  3. no because I honestly don't have the necessary skills to be able to make such changes ... that's why I desperately sought your help ....
  4. yes right ... under HS03: it's the bluetooth module of intel 7260 wireless card under HS06: I think so...
  5. hello, I have replaced the DSDT ... I am attaching the required file ... thanks (the touchscreen still does not work) Dell Xps 12 9q33 .ioreg
  6. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10161-success-high-sierra-on-dell-xps-12-9q33/?do=findComment&comment=75447
  7. hi, i'm a new member of OSXLATITUDE, my compliments for the work done ... i need your help ... i managed to install monterey on dell xps 12 9q33, managing to make almost everything work. I would like to use the touchscreen ... can you give me some advice? thank you Dell Xps 12 9q33 Monterey.ioreg EFI Monterey.zip in the efi folder the AirportItlwm kext for my Intel wireless card is removed, because it exceeds the space of 19.53 mb .... thanks for the availability
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