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  1. Jake, Thank you for this. I will give a try and report back with my results. I have another question Power Management. Is there a fix for basic power management? I actually will be leaving it on all the time as a media server (until I build a desktop hack) I am noticing that when i get up in the AM it is frozen and I have to reboot. Any thoughts on how I can remedy this?
  2. What settings do I need to use for my setup in chameleon wizard? Also I am having trouble finding the latest version. Don't want to grab a random "old" version Don't want to break my working hackintosh, just want to quiet boot thanks again for all of your help!
  3. Wow thank you for the great replies!!!
  4. How do I bypass the osxlatitude bootloader screen and always log directly into Mountain Lion? I do not want to have to be stuck for unattended reboots. thanks
  5. Has Anyone been able to enable basic use of the trackpad? I realize it can't handle multi-gesture. thank you for any help with this
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