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  1. After complete install windows and boot with clover USB and select OS X EL to boot and then install clover again but open EFI found Microsoft folder on this partition.
    how i will do. and i will try to install Win 7 and OS x again and report to you.

  2. - Now to fix the boot option
    - Go to BIOS, create boot option. Browse to /EFI/Clover/Cloverx64.efi, give it a Name. Now move the Clover boot entry to top.
    on my PC missing this option, the t3500 boot Legacy mode. 
    how i can do?. i update BIOS A002 to A17.
    Cheers, thank you for respond.

  3. I has completed install EL 10.11 on Dell Precision T3500 and then update osx 10.11.1 - 10.11.5.


    Anyone can assist me to complete step dual boot win 7 and EL captain on the same HDD ?.



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