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  1. So I don't have the Integrated NIC option but set all the others as you suggested, after setting the BIOS to defaults. It still fails in the same way Really don't understand. I might just try removing the wireless card and HD and see if I can get to the installer?
  2. Interesting. I think that's the same BIOS although mine is not a 2-in-1 machine. I know the hynix HD is incompatible with MacOS, so I swapped this out with a Samsung 970 Pro that I had working on a desktop Hackintosh. Did you make any HW changes before the install, such as the WiFi? I didn't think anything like this would stop the installer from running. How about BIOS settings? Again, I think I have everything set correctly but, do you know what you had to configure?
  3. Thank you @Mihari Oyama, I really appreciate your assistance. Unfortunately, your EFI also fails in the same way on my machine (at EXITBS:START). What version of BIOS does your DELL have?
  4. Thanks @Hervé . I've been over and over the guides and I really can't figure out what is wrong. @Jake Lo was also kind enough to help. Another user on here seemed to get a Dell 7410 working but with a BIOS version of 1.5.2 whereas mine is 1.24.0. You can't downgrade dell bios any more so I wonder if something in the later versions is breaking the installation. I'd love to get it working but I've spent so much time on it now and feel like I'm just blindly trying things - the log error is so vague that I'm not sure where to begin. If you have any further advice, I'd appreciate it - otherwise the 7410 may become a doorstop! P.S. your first link above is broken - looks like the page doesn't exist?
  5. Thanks @Hervé , so rather embarassingly, you were correct. I had another EFI on my internal HD and what I didn't realise was that sometimes the PC would decide to boot from that instead of my pendrive. I was therefore resetting the wrong config! I've now made progress but it's complaining about that the platform isn't compatible for Ventura. I believe this is all about setting the correct SMBIOS. It's currently MacBookPro16,2. I'll start reading up on what is the right one but if anyone reading this can confirm what I should set for a I7-10810U with UHD620 graphics, I'd appreciate it! Log attached.opencore-2023-11-09-123919.txt.zip UPDATE: my error. I think the clearing of the NVRAM makes it fail early with the OS error and then the subsequent boot fails at the same point EXITBS:START. I think I'm wasting my time with this PC.
  6. Looks like it fails in the same way opencore-2023-11-06-074912.txt.zip Can I understand something please. Does the combination of drivers, kexts, and quirks need to be correct at the point it reaches EXITBS in the log? The reason why I ask this is that I've tried disabling all the quirks, enabling them all, and removing all kexts except Lilu, AppleALC and WhateverGreen and the log always stops in the same place - EXITBS. I'm just trying to understand what's important. I also updated the DELL firmware today from 1.15.0 to 1.24.0 and this didn't seem to make any difference. I think I'm losing the will to live!
  7. I tried a different installer disk along with a USB3 HDD connected for the target MACOS disk (with M.2 drives disabled in the BIOS to disable the Samsung EVO). I still got the same failure of EXITBS:START
  8. Correct - OC 0.9.5. I've tried Ventura, Big Sur and Catalina but not sure it's getting as far as any of these installers? I removed the Hynix HD and put in a Samsung 970 EVO plus. This 'can' be a bad HD but it's one I used on my desktop hackintosh as the boot disk, with OC, with a samsung firmware update. I can try and find a different drive if you think this could be causing an issue? Can could disable it in the BIOS and just use a large external USB drive for testing?
  9. Thanks @Jake Lo It still fails at the same point.opencore-2023-11-05-182743.txt.zip I'm sorry but I can't make any sense of the logs, and what it might be complaining about...
  10. Hi Guys. I have a Dell 7410 i7-10810U with UHD 620 graphics, Intel AX201 Wifi, Samsung 970 Evo Plus drive (512G with updated firmware), ALC3254 audio. I've tried many flavours of OC, also Clover, and I can't get anything to load the macOS installer. They all fail at the same point: 25:110 00:020 AAPL: #[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START] 2023-11-03T13:19:46 but with errors prior to this which I don't know if they are important/relevant. I believe my BIOS is correctly set up, and unlocked. I don't know how to debug further. Any help would be appreciated. config.plist.zip opencore-2023-11-03-131921.txt.zip
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