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  1. Then you can always download an i386 v10.04 iso, burn the .iso to a CD-ROM and boot from it and follow the instructions in aschar's script (at the bottom of PolishOX's post). It's not actually that difficult. I'll do it ---------- Yea.. I kinda feel that way too, although maybe for my 'noob' reason I can't understand how to use it, even if I read (and watch) guides about it. ---------- Yes I do, but to use that again now, I don't think so, because: 1. It was created with Olarila's tool which (Conti told me) is not the right way to create DSDT. 2. I have different motherboard (same type, P5KPL SE, but a new one, different BIOS.. well, even the PCB Color is different - It is replacement unit from Asus for my dead old one) & different Graphic card now (used to be 7300GS, now is 8400GS). ---------- Yes I also think that's what you suggest to me and yes I'll learn something about it too. But I think I'd rather "Choose The Linux Way" by start my 'first journey' in Linux (and ashar script instruction) as you told me above. Wish me luck Thank you verymuch for your kind informations, blackosx ---------- UPDATE: I've visited Old Releases Ubuntu Site but I don't know which one to download. Enlightment please..
  2. No, actually I don;t I just haven't found the right way yet If you haven't read it, maybe you can check my thread here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=293 Actually, I've been created my own DSDT (when I was in Snow Leopard). I made it in Windows XP with Olarila's tool. I thought everything was OK (and it seem was, actually, because at that time, all -including sleep-wake- worked well). Until Conti told me that he doesn't think it's the right way (you can read it in the thread above). Conti must be know what he said, so I won't do it again this time with my new installed Mountain Lion. Conti also point me some 'way-out', by the way, it is between using DSDTSE or Linux. I don't have and don't know about Linux. So maybe DSDTSE would be the choice. Too bad I don't know how to use it. Some guide I found - including youtube videos, doesn't help me to understand. Maybe I'd search guide about how to use it anywhere in the internet some more. The last choice - by not using any DSDT for the time being now - is not too bad a choice either IMHO, since the fact is that I don't have any problem now. Except 'sleep-wake'. To be honest, it doesn't really matters to me. But of course I will keep searching for the best - albeit my limitation. Thank You blackosx hope my english doesn't confusing you LOL P.S.: oh and the insanelymac thread you point me to: that's different motherboard than mine...mine is P5KPL-SE, that is P5KPL AM-SE
  3. @blackosx: Whoaa!! LOL.... I don't think I will nor be able to learn that 'complex' thing. I'm just an average PC user guy who love OS X to do my job & have fun with it but don't have enough money to buy the Apple Computer (even if now I changed my mind about it...I prefer Hackintosh machine than Apple's - except for their portable line). So, about DSDT, yeah I know your answer is very true. Now I only see three options for me: 1. Keep on without any DSDT like this; or 2. Do what I did with my 10.6.8 before; create my DSDT 'ala Olarila' albeit what Conti told me that "personally for him - it's not the right way to do"; or 3. Learn to create DSDT - either using DSDTSE (which Conti said "A shortcut you may want to try ... one of the few applications for dsdt editing on hackintosh that I would endorse, albiet unfinished in it's current form it is reasonably useful...") or "linux extraction method, although it is rather complex". Both of them I don't know how to do yet Then wait until somebody guides me about a simpler & right way to create DSDT. I think for now I pick the no.1 option. Anyway, thank you very much for your reply & information
  4. Hi digital farmer. You can find a collection of Chameleon themes at the Theme Park section of the voodooprojects forum. Note: You'll need to be registered to see the downloads etc. Hi blackosx, thanks for your reply, of course I'll be there right away Anyway since you were here, if you/Conti (or anyone here) maybe read this again, would you please help guide me about the easiest way to create my own DSDT? But too bad I know nothing about Linux nor programming. I'm sure you and Conti are busy man, but I wish one of you (or anyone here) would like to. I've been asking for this in many forums in the net without result. I know maybe I'm too dumb compare to others when it comes to technical problem like this, I'm sorry. BTW I like to read your feedback about myHack 3, although it's far too 'smart' for me, because I admit that I still don't understand it after read it few many times, but I know it's good somehow LOL
  5. OK, done! Thank You Now about DSDT: This is your post in my other thread about it: Is there already that 'simpler way' to get started (to create DSDT) yet?
  6. Ok I'll try later. Right now I don't have any themes to install, except maybe grab from my older chameleon files or something. Yeah,..I think so. The problem is I don't know how to create my DSDT properly, as I've told you before in my other thread The last time I create DSDT, I ask you was it the right way? and your answer was no. So I'm not gonna do it that way anymore. About the IONetworkingFamily, before I patched it I already had that feeling that it is no longer required, since I couldn't find the thread about it in FAQ Section anymore. I thought it might had been removed by you because it's no longer needed. But I did still patch the IONetworking Family like I used to do because I don't know what better to do to make my ethernet (internet) works. Now my ethernet and internet is already working as I expect. Should I redo it? I don't understand; What do you mean by "just pull the plugin.." ? Thank You in advance
  7. I'm impressed - although a bit confused - by blackosx 'review' of myHack3.x in other thread. I'm far less smart, so I can't write as deep a review as his, instead, here is my review I've just installed Mountain Lion DP3 on my PC which has to be OS X re-installed since I change the Motherboard (same type but new one and with newer BIOS given to me by Asus as replacement for my dead old one. I was lucky because the warranty date will be end in just few days) and I also change my Graphic to 8400GS. I installed it side by side (Dual Boot with Windows 8 which already there before & doesn't need to be re-install after the motherboard & Graphic Card change). I use myHack 3.1, and as I always predict before, it is smooth without any problem whatsoever Thank You for your great work (I'm sorry I haven't donate as you deserved, but I'm sure I will, when my paypal/CC active). I think myHack is the best and most beautiful hackintosh tool in the world. Also the guide, blog, forum, etc. Only my question is: I'm ok with the non graphical Boot Choice UI now, but I know sometime I'll be missing the graphical UI too. Is there any way I can do to create that? Oh yeah, and one minor problem: the sleep,..If I click it, bring it to sleep, my system can't wake up after that. (In Snow Leopard 10.6.8, before, I have no problem with that, without any kext. My additional kext in SL was only: FakeSMC, EVOReboot, 'ala Conti - patched' IONetworking and VoodooHDA). Now my additional kext is only that 'patched IONetworking' and VoodooHDA for audio. Oh, and I don't use DSDT now (cause I don't know the proper way to create it). When in SL, I used DSDT. I'm sorry for my very noobish review & questions.
  8. Hi Conti, it's me again.. Today I open EVOSX86's DSDTSE app with the intention to learn how to create my own DSDT with it. But I don't know what to do with it. Try googling but didn't find any (written) clear instruction/guide/tutorial about it. The clearest one is this famous video on youtube: , but I can't understand it. Would you please please teach me how? Big Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your reply Conti #Actually that DSDTSE app you mention is one of few option that I downloaded before I chose the steps I mention in my first post instead. #Yes I understand about extract DSDT in a hackintosh without DSDT & minimal kext to get the correct information. That's why I extracted my DSDT in my Windows XP instead. Sadly, I don't have any Linux nor experience with it. #I'll be waiting for the next version of myHack/myFix Thank You Verymuch
  10. Just read (bit too late) JaS' thread about "How to dump your ioregistry from the terminal", so I thought maybe it's a good thing if I attach my ioreg file (??) Sorry again for total 'noobishness' & this kind of 'double post' digitalfarmer.txt
  11. Hi Conti I'd like to learn a bit about creating my own DSDT. My knowledge abut DSDT is minimal. But in my OS X I have my self-created DSDT (I put it in my /Extra folder). So far I have no problem, but I'm afraid if my method were wrong. I created my own DSDT with this steps I get from the net: #I used "DSDT Editor for Windows/Linux" that I downloaded from http://olarila.com/dsdt/DSDTEditor_Linux_Windows.zip I made mine in my Windows XP. #I used my motherboard's specific patch (Asus P5KPL-SE) I get from http://olarila.com/forum/packs.php put it on my desktop for easy access. #I Opened the "DSDT editor" and on the menu bar click 'File' then 'Extract DSDT'. #On the menu bar, I pressed 'Patch' and then 'Open'. I navigated to my desktop and select the my motherboard specific patch. I Clicked 'Open'. #I also did that steps for my ALC662 specific patch. #I pressed 'Apply' in the little window that opened after that step. Then I clicked 'Close'. #On the menu bar, I pressed 'IASL', then 'Compile'. A box opened, where I pressed 'Fix Errors'. when 0 errors listed, I closed the box. #On the menu bar, I pressed 'IASL', then 'Save AML As'. and I 'Save As' ''DSDT.AML' That's the way I got my DSDL. Is that right/wrong way? (I'm afraid it's wrong). If it's wrong, what is the right way for me to make my own DSDT? Thanks a lot in advance and I'm sorry for my noobishness P.S.: (I tried to attach my DSDT file, but can't. How can I do that here - (when editing my post) ?)
  12. Thank you for the reply & link.. A friend sells her new old stock Asus GF 210 for cheap (about $10) but I think it's sold now I don't know what cheap card to buy, but after fast read wiki.osx86project.org I'm thinking of that old 8400 GS.. haven't decided yet though.. Actually - personally - Hard Drive is my priority now,..I'm running out of storage space and their price haven't come back down yet I have to back up my files ASAP before some accidentally damage happen, haven't done this for long enough.. I'm in danger
  13. Hi.. Thanks Thanks Thanks for the replies @General Conti: Yes I've already tried that line in org.chameleon.Boot.plist with no luck. Still 1024x768, 3MB, Not recognized. Maybe I'll try it once more after this to make sure. Right now I'm reading this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index. ... 28733&st=0 I hope I can learn something from it. Any help & guide from you about it or maybe about other methods that I can try will make me happier, please @Mac Hosehead: Tks for the info & link. Yea man, I know that this my Graphic Card is old that I may have to replace it with other card that works OOB with SL, Lion or Mt Lion (I was thinking about cheap GF 210, I hope it's compatible with all of them, no ?). http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/NVID ... ifications IMHO I know people are different, but for me: it's easy (and bit boring) to just buy the newest expensive peripherals and install it just like that - the way tonycrap's people do (and the stupid thing in that community is that they still have trouble with that their 'shiny expensive, follow exactly the tonycrap's guide' gears ..... You'll easily get 'booed' there if you 'dare' to ask about cheaper peripherals... or sometime even if it's not Gigabyte!! ) You know, there's fun factor in learning & trying to make older peripheral card - that some people may say that it will not ever work- to be able to work, if you now what I mean It's kind like a challenge haha. I've been told before by many people in forums that my 7300 GS will not work - even since 10.6.3. But they're wrong. So maybe the info in your link is true now, but still I'd give it some more try before 'surrender' I know it has it's limit sometimes tho Apologize for my english limitation. P.S.: Oops I just realize that this post is already on the 2nd page of this thread. Sorry Conti, I just read your last post above
  14. Hi Conti. Now I'm typing from my new installed Mountain Lion 10.8 DP. I've tried your IONetworkingFamily Method, and it works! thanks You're Genius! Sound is also working after I installed VoodooHDA.kext that also works in my SL 10.6.8 BUT The Graphic (7300 GS) is still not recognized yet. GraphicEnabler=Yes doesn't work. I have to find other methods.
  15. I already install Mountain Lion. The result now (at least) is about the same as the last time I report about my Lion installation (can't get in without the USB Sticks installer; No Ethernet; No Sound and No 7300 GS Graphic). So I'll try Conti's suggestion above. Wish me luck
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