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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I ran the update in OpenCore configurator to get them all in sync now. E5540_HIRES_BI_SUR_OC.zip I think the C states may not be working properly because the fan continues to run even when I have no applications running. I tried to get the Intel Power Gadget to install but that is running into it's own issues something to do with Library/Extensions. I tried what someone suggested on Reddit to fix the issue but it still won't work. EDIT: The fan just went off. Do you think a SSDT creation will help at all or does everything look good (or won't know unless I get the Intel app working). I may just be over picking here and everything is ok.
  2. Thanks that did the trick. Attached is the final EFI should someone need it. Thanks for all of the help! E5540_HIRES_BI_SUR_OC.zip
  3. Thanks Jake. USB 3.0 and 2.0 now work, so does audio. My trackpad stopped working now but keyboard is working.
  4. Thanks for the reply. When I added the SSDT-PNLF.aml the screen goes dark and the powers off. I removed the DSDT.aml file and that seems to have worked, but now the USB 2.0 and sound/mic do not work.
  5. Hi Hervé, You were correct about the video, my finder bar was solid not translucent. I updated the parameters as per OC and had to add the device-id as well as the frame-buffer patch. The only issue is that I can't increase the brightness of the screen. Is there some kext that you are aware of that could be causing this? I've attached my modified EFI for you. Thanks E5540_OC_BIG_SUR.zip
  6. Further to my initial install with the help of this thread, it seems that everything is really slowing down compared to Mojave. Even clicking on the HDD or closing a window takes almost a second. Is it possible that I have some invalid configuration? Is there something I can run to see if everything is running as it should? I was also running an update to 11.2.3 and browser pages were extremely slow to the point that it took 3-4 seconds to load.
  7. Hi Jake, I applied the EFI and everything is working. Thanks for the help as I wouldn't have been able to get this working without you!
  8. Thanks for the help. Not sure if I got everything you mentioned (I don't know a lot about this). When I booted up I am not getting "Couldn't alloc class AppleIntelpchseriesahci" Attached is my updated EFI Edit: I tried the patched CtlnaAHCIPort.kext but still getting the same error message. E5540_2020_02_28-1.zip
  9. I tired a E6540 EFI and while I was able to get the installer working, when it tries to go into the first bootup, the screen goes dark. I can hear Siri so it seems that it is in. I checked the config.plist and see the correct value of 0600260A which is needed for my i5 Haswell. Can someone review my config.plist in this EFI and see what could be wrong? EFI.zip
  10. Still not sure what is going on. I was able to use this EFI for a 5430 and was able to install Big Sur installed. I was even able to get this to boot and at least sound is working. The only problem is that the system is really slow. I then over-wrote the EFI that was updated by Jake and it doesn't seem to work. If anyone is able to see what might be causing the slowness I can try to edit the 5430 and see if I can get further. Thanks
  11. Is it possible that the two bootloaders somehow are running simultaneously and causing the booting issue for the installer? The reason I ask is because while I have been trying some different configurations, I have not touched my original Clover bootloader for Mojave since I installed it. Verbose was turned off. Now when I boot Mojave it is showing the verbose. Something in one of the USB bootloader is causing changes to the Mojave installer.
  12. Trying now. Will update in a few minutes. Here is the latest.
  13. I had pulled the drive since the one I currently have was Mojave. I thought that was an issue. I can't get the installer to work without a drive? I just wanted to get into the GUI to see if it works before swapping the drive.
  14. Seems like the error is worse now as it is garbled up.
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