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  1. Here is the final DSDT.aml for my Toshiba Satellite L755-06M Laptop. Running Lion 10.7.4 Toshiba Support Page Integrated Wi-Fi is still not working because there's no proper kext for it yet. Audio thru HDMI cable not working, using voodooHDA for audio. DSDT.aml.zip If you download my DSDT.aml, give props to Beta: site
  2. here it is: SSDT.aml.zip i have enabled P-States and C-States in boot.plist
  3. I have now placed the SSDT.aml in /Extra folder, what else should i do ? What else do i need on the DSDT.aml ?
  4. 1. Record your multiplier and CPU speed for your cpu from your bios i don't see the multiplier, please look at my bios picture: My Bios Is there another way to get the multiplier ? i cannot modify the cpu settings in the bios. All i know about my CPU is here http://ark.intel.com/products/52220 Edit: nevermind i got it... TDP is 35 and 2.1Ghz (2100Hz)
  5. Beta, can you please include Speedstep ? I would like to use the vanilla kernel.
  6. hello Beta, i am reporting back that i am using the DSDT.aml you previously posted above and removed the Ethernet built-in fix off boot.plist, App store is working. It looks nice on System Profiler One question though, why is the system displaying this: in reality it should be displaying the location as being -> /Extra/AtherosL1cEthernet.kext no ? cheers
  7. App Store / iCould is working now.
  8. Beta, i got Ethernet working by installing AtherosL1cEthernet.kext i got Audio working by installing VoodooHDA.kext (mic working) ..using myhack installing my Extra. for the wireless Realtek RTL8188CE driver, there is no kext available for mac, only for linux and win, available here for linux. I will try the driver for the Realtek RTL8188CUS after i finish this post. available here. Here is my new IOreg : bcus’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip Here is my entire Extra folder : 3.3 MB -> http://tinyurl.com/8ohlkc3 The attachment’s file size is too large, the maximum upload size is 2 MB. lspci : in case you need it Thanks
  9. i am running the latest DSDT.aml, but i don't see any difference from the previous DSDT.aml. Which patches did you added ? Built-in Lan works if i use unifail, i have no idea why it's not working when using myHack.. About wireless, i think there's no kext available yet for the Realtek RTL8188CE chip.. reason why i am using a Ralink chip external usb wireless adapter. App store won't work, i am sure until i figure out the lan problem..
  10. sorry, here it is again: bcus MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  11. hello Beta, here is my IOreg file: bcus MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip Thanks.
  12. Hi Beta, affirmative, i am using the DSDT.aml you posted. (no usb boot disk needed) Cheers.
  13. I forgot to say that i am running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4, i tried Mountain Lion but it just fails on my laptop, i am staying on Lion.
  14. -System or motherboard manufacturer, model name, revision and bios version: Toshiba Satellite L755-06M, Intel motherboard, core i3, revision Unknown and bios Unknown. -Audio codec: Conexant CX20587-11Z Software Sound, High Definition Audio Link, Built-in stereo speakers (NOT sure if this is correct) -Lan (ethernet) chip: Atheros 10/100/Mbps Integrated Ethernet LAN Realtek RTL8188CE 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN Integrated Web Camera 1.3 M (w/ Built-in Mic) -CPU model: 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3-2310M processor (2.1 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache) with Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® Technology-Graphics card manufacturer and model name. -PCI Root of graphics card: ? -Graphic card: Intel® HD Graphics 3000- Integrated up to 1190MB (32bit OS) or up to 1696MB (64bit OS) dynamically allocated shared graphics memory with 6GB of system memory. -BIOS: TSETUP, ACPI, PnP, VESA, SM BIOS, PCI BIOS Support This is my raw DSDT file, 0 errors and 61 optimizations and 0 patches: bcus.DSDT.aml.zip My IOREG information: bcus.ioreg.txt I have made all attempts to my knowledge to get my system up and running with everything working after Lion installation. All attempts includes, installing kexts, automatically patching the DSDT using a terminal script, manually patching my DSDT. I ended up disappointed because after so much time invested in a hackintosh, reinstall after install after install..... (ethernet, wireless, battery, camera, mic, audio, card reader, keyboard, hdmi, touchpad, sleep, lid, fan, i have to take the battery OUT before starting the laptop after shutdown.). Can someone please help me edit my DSDT with manually adding proper patches, add kexts, and to fully help me get this laptop to play with mac ?? Current problems i am facing: *i am trying a third party USB creator also to see if myHack is best for me or not* -if i use a third party USB creator: Ethernet -OK Wireless -Not Working Battery -Not Working Camera -Not Working Mic -Not Working Audio -Not Working Card Reader -OK Keyboard -OK HDMI -OK TouchPad -OK Sleep -Not Working Lid -Not Working Fan -Not sure if it's doing the job! -if i use myHack USB creator: Ethernet -Not Working Wireless -Not Working Battery -Not Working Camera -OK Mic -Not Working Audio -Not Working Card Reader -OK Keyboard -Not Working HDMI -OK TouchPad -OK Sleep -Not Working Lid -Not Working Fan -Not sure if it's doing the job! Please if i am missing something let me know and i will try to add it. Darwin bcus-MacBook-Pro.local 11.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 11.4.0: Mon Apr 9 19:32:15 PDT 2012; root:xnu-1699.26.8~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 Thanks! ps; I am glad de server is back on , i hope you get paid for the system they broke..
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