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  1. I absolutely fluked out when I decided to put OSx on this machine. There were basically no issues, no glitches. I've done a few upgrades and everything seems to work without issues!
  2. I am happy with the 360 module. No sudden unnecessary disconnects. A whole lot of beeping when booting but I ignore that part and let everything load.
  3. It's working fantastic for me. Turns out (I think) the initial squawking and beeping was due to the BIOS trying to see what it had and attempting to get me to go in and adjust stuff. This was being over run by the altered startup apple logo BIOS screen - so it was just throwing a tantrum of sorts. I have rebooted since to see, and all is well and good. No beeping/squawking, disconnects, no process errors, and my M65 is one step closer to being just awesome!
  4. FYI - I ordered and received a 360 module for my Dell. I haven't disconnected yet, however the machine squawks and beeps like mad when powering it up. I also now have a blue light on my console panel on the front of my laptop which is sweet! Under advanced I still have the wake up greyed out so that's not an option, however I've been online for over 5 minutes without disconnecting once!! Very happy now! I recommend this module over the 350 as far as Dell devices and Hackintosh's are concerned.
  5. Wow. Worked so good I was shocked! Hooking MacDell up to my big screen TV, detect monitors, done. Download VLC, open and move to the now second monitor screen space. VLC control window stays on MacDell screen, open file and browse to server, pick anything and play! Streamed 720p wireless through TV with the only issue being some stuttering when I think it tried to go to sleep.
  6. Any thoughts about the 355 or 360 modules? They are all about $20 on eBay - thinking of getting one if that means no more crashing. I think the other two are Broadcom chips - but I am just looking into this now.
  7. What I am really looking for are success stories or tips with any of the three cards I guess.
  8. As I can't find an answer for the card I have, I scoured around to find out that my machine can accept one of three versions (that I can see so far). Dell bluetooth models 350, 355, or 360. They all seem to have the same adapter, with different chipsets and features. The 360 advertises multiple connections and encryption, where as the other two make no mention of this. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this - I would really like to get my bluetooth working with my Magic Mouse, without it turning off every three minutes.
  9. The module is a Dell 350 bluetooth, supposedly it's the same module as in the 410,510,610 and 810 Latitudes, as well as the M20 and M70 - atleast according to the Dell spec sheet it is.
  10. My Dell Precision is running OSx 10.7.1 - with no issues at all. Great screen, haven't bothered with sleep at this point, but everything else is purring nicely! It think's it's a MacBookPro 3,1 - both cores running usually around 4 to 7%, and seems nice and fast (although I haven't checked for core speed at this point). My Problem: The built-in bluetooth is working, and will connect to my Magic Mouse - FOR 3 MINUTES AT A TIME! At the 3 minute mark it disconnects for about 8 seconds, then reconnects by itself. There is a trace in system processes, and I can see it crash, follow the services that are crapping out, then it auto reconnects. Sep 1 17:26:16 Bill-Cardiffs-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: E:[AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController][bulkInReadHandler] Received kIOReturnNotResponding error - retrying: 1. Sep 1 17:26:16 Bill-Cardiffs-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: [ClearFeatureBulkEndpointHalt] DeviceRequest failed 0xE000404F. Sep 1 17:26:16 Bill-Cardiffs-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: [AppleUSBHCIController][ClearFeatureInterruptEndpointHalt] - ClearPipeStall returned e00002ed Sep 1 17:26:16 Bill-Cardiffs-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: No interval found for . Using 8000000 Sep 1 17:26:16 Bill-Cardiffs-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: [0fe2ac80][AppleMultitouchDevice::willTerminate] entered Sep 1 17:26:16 Bill-Cardiffs-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: [0fe2ac80][AppleMultitouchDevice::stop] entered Over and over... everything about 3 minutes. Any thoughts? Is there a Bluetooth kext that would work better than the auto loaded one? Help please!
  11. The link for rebranding the bios points to //new.osxlatitude.com/... I just played around first with the dates in the file name, then the domain and downloaded using www.osxlatitude.com/ instead. WWW instead NEW .
  12. where can I download the file? All links point to no where!
  13. BillyPrefect

    Hi !

    Hello. I'm fairly new to the whole OSx thing, but so far am somewhat successful. I have a Dell Precision M65 - which is practically a Latitude D820 with a slightly different video adapter. I had my initial setup working great actually, with Snow Leopard 10.6.7 but then realized that having installed on a basically stock setup I was nearly immediately out of disk space with the 60G hard drive. So I scavenged a few parts and am rebuilding my system with a 120Gb hard drive. My install was based on iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) and a retail 10.6.0 (I think) borrowed disk. I fortunately haven't returned the disk so I am rebuilding with the same setup as it worked pretty good! This time around I am going to try your EDP package to avoid having to deal with I think it was 5 different kext files (cpu, battery, audio, ps2 and I think one other). I am also going to try using the 820 DSDT instead of just picking a random setup and even go so far as to try to convince my system it is a MacBook Pro (I guess 2,1 would be closest). My current system was an early release from Dell so has the 1.66Ghz processor - I just realized that I can upgrade this to a 2.13Ghz for looking like $50 on ebay, as well as pick myself up a new battery as mine is beat. Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" instead of lurching around reading without contributing anything at all.
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