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  1. Imbecilic thrashing around in a public place.... Partake in this I will not.

  2. Fucking Linux... Steam works for Debian based distros, but not Debian itself :(

  3. Well, bit the bullet and re-partitioned my SSD for Linux. Didn't break it :D

  4. No gas, so no hot water :(

  5. Note to self - wear a belt tomorrow.

  6. Why the fuck are the heaters on in the train? Its not that cold...

  7. Hi All, I have been into the Hackintosh scene for a while now - Had a nice Precision T7400 (2x Quad Core Xeons, 32GB RAM, 2xSSD, 2xSAS Drives, and GTX470) running 10.7.4 nicely till I sold it, and have previously had 10.6.x running on various D630s and Optiplex 755s. Just in the process of creating a MyHack USB for my "new" D630. (Using a VM on an AMD system ) My mother no longer needs her laptop, so I am buying it. It's a Toshiba Qosmio F60 - i7 740QM, 4GB RAM, nVidia GT330M. Just wondering if anyone has tried installing OS X on one of these? I imagine it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  8. Collective Soul.......

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