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  1. Hi guys, I have a asus g750 and i'm currently running mavericks via vmware, but i wont to run it natively. So i was wondering if there was someone to help me get this working, I've seen other guides but i got and error when trying. Asus g750 jx 4th gen i7 nvidia gtx770m 256 ssd 1tb HDD
  2. yes i've tried, option 3 is the only one that gives me sound but no mic.
  3. Guys I need help getting my mic working , tried other config option in E.D.P But none of them work.
  4. I also need help with rebranding my wifi , can't seem to get it to work. Using ubuntu 12.04 LIVE CD mode. Does rebranding require ubuntu 10.10 or is 12.04 ok?
  5. what chameleon boot loader are you using, also when you boot up hit f12 and boot from you boot loader source, it should be usb.
  6. It runs better than I thought with only 2gb of ram, I plan on upgrading my ram and cpu soon. Now i found out how to get bootcamp working, So now i'm working on that.
  7. Running Windows 7 in Parallels... just messing around.
  8. Bronxteck, syonagar, and imick just wanted to say thanks . I created a usb install disc, follow the instruction and BAM i'm working like a charm. know all i have to do is figure out how to get the activity monitor working .
  9. Extra.zip Here is my extra , please help a brother out. thanks
  10. The only way it will work if i repair permissions every time my d820 boots.It's seems that disk utility is not repairing permission correctly. **(PROBLEM SOLVED)**
  11. Just a follow up to see if anyone has a solution for my issue.
  12. Yes I' ve repaired my permissions , still not working. Is there a set number of times I should repair my permissions?
  13. Hey guys , just wanted to know if anyone had activity monitor working , mine just crashes every time i try to launch it.
  14. I installed E.D.P 1.9.2 and i used chameleon svn2.1 rev.1684.
  15. Hey guys I'm having the same issues, I've tried reinstalling chame and selecting my default hd to boot, still no luck.
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