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  1. Hi Jake Lo, Thank you very much for your quick reply. Thus this mean I cannot use the AMD Firepro video card inside the laptop? That would be disappointing because this is a great video card with a lot of memory and fast memory and I want to use this laptop ( it it works ) for photo and video editing greets, rjjd
  2. Hi, I am a newby and have a question about my Dell Precision 7510. I have received this fine laptop today and was wondering if it is possible to install Mojave on it. Hardware specs are: Intel i7 6820 2,7GHZ Cpu, 16 GB DDR4 ram 2133 hertz, 2 video cards, Intel Skylake Graphics 64MB inside and AMD Firepro W5710M GDDR5. 2 GB memory, 1 SSD 256 GB. and M.2 SSD 256GB drives, 15'6 inch IPS screen 1920x1080 resolution, Intel WIFI cad 8260 ( 802.110c) Audio card Realtek ALC3235 , 4x USB 3.0 , SD card slot, HDMI output. I have visit this site earlier was installed then succesfull a Mac system on a Dell Latitude 620 and 630. Hope someone can ( and is willing) or guide me, to help me out with this installation ( if it is possible ) on this laptop. Thanks in advance. Gr. rijd
  3. Do you have an solution for the NullCPUPowermanagement error ?
  4. Hello i created as described successfully 2 usb sticks with yosemite on it. I started this morning my dell with usb connected to it. Error message MACH_KERNEL error cannot find.. Check it with my macbook and discovered mistake. I copied mach_kernel in folder library/kernels/kernel instead of library/kernel. Problem solved desktop is booting now totally up with usb stick . Installed Chameleon and done all steps in chapter 4 except step 4 6 and 7 I do not understand with is being written (sorry) steps 6 and 7 i did not do because i would try first to bot the machine on itself. But i get KP with message about this NullCPUPowerManagement .. How can i some this? i can boot normally with usb stick and then choose me HD. other small question: When desktop is booting it startup in DOS screen can this being changed in an GUI look ? Thanks,.
  5. Thanks you guys, i will get to work and keep you updated. Hope it all works..
  6. I arranged an nice desktop Dell optlplex 790 SFF with Intel i7 16 GB ram and Asus GT slilent GT610 video card 2GB ddr3 ram memory and looks to me an good machine for video edting, CPU is 2 times faster an my mac pro 2008 wo i have now. Can someone tell me witch installation and extra package i must use to make this an succes? I included an CPU-Z file with the hardware components There is mentioned an standard graphic card -- i will buy and use video card described above Thanks. Dell-Optiplex-790-i7.txt
  7. Thanks all , but i think this is beyond my scope. I will startup an new project with my optiplex 790 and see how far i will come.
  8. Thanks, i will try that tomorrow but i do not have an good feeling about it. (but then it is , my mistake ) If this is not working i will proceed with the installation of the optiplex 790 and see how far i get with this machine. i tried to create an usb drive for it but no succes yet..
  9. Thanks for the replies, what is the IM download site? The second solution you mentioned was to boot the system with an bootable windows cd or usb and then execute the steps you described , but what do you mean by reformat it? And is that all what i must do.?
  10. Hi i installed today by mistake the clover bootloader on Dell Precision 490 desktop witch had the chameleon bootloader active and working. I have Yosemite 10.10.4 installed on it. My systems boot up now with the clover loader and hangs. Is there an way to correct this? Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi can anyone tell me what this KP of my laptop means? and what i have to do to solve it? KP appears on an not regular time schedule. Status laptop now: Laptop is starting up normally, Audio, Trackpad, Internal network card, Wireless works true an usb wireless card, Graphics card is working on native resolution 1280x800 but has not QE support ( sadly). Beside this KP this laptop works nice en smoothly. Can anyone tell me how to rad this KP and solve it? Thanks and greetz.
  12. Hi i just successful installed Lion on this laptop using an bootcd with Lion installed for this occasion. Laptop is booting up nicely with working keyboard and usb ports so i can use an usb mouse. Not working is the intel GMA 4500 MHD graphics card, Intel Gigabit cable network and audio. Wireless is no problem because i can install an usb wireless device for this. I could use some help particularly with the graphics card so if anyone could help me with this Thank you and greetz,
  13. Hi thanks for the fast response again wireless is no issue for me because i can use an usb small wireless card which works perfectly on my 430 and 830. My concern is how to boot and which extra to use? Must i use Myhack or something else? Hope you can help me with that Thanks and greetz,
  14. Hi guys i am an possession of an HP Elitebook 2530p on which i want to install Mavericks on it. Can you assist me while trying doing this? In the past you helped me out with several other laptops D430 D620 D630 and D830 and one Precision 490 last month. I attached the specs of this machine ans several screen shots. I hope this will work fine too. Thanks and greetz.. Hp_Elitebook-2530P.txt
  15. rjjd

    Mavericks on Dell Precision 490

    Hi major break true ( also for me ) I manage to get the system up an running. First i disabled both PATA drives who were being used by two DVD - DVD writer players.. I saw that the bios settings changed and perhaps that made it possible to make the SSD data drive bootable. No problem what so ever now. I also replaced the present DSDT file installed on the desktop.. I replaced that one by another one witch i downloaded from an site ( i think insalecmac ) from an installation of ML on an Precision 690. Everything works fine now (YES) I also installed the audio kext ( voodoo) so audio also works. Leaving me only one question -- is the installation 100% succeeded? Is there away to check if everything is fully operational ? Greets..