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  1. I got Keyboard and Trackpad working now. The only difference I made was formating my OS disk as Journaled and not as "small/big letters journaled". Strange........ In addition: Before rebuilding caches I also did sudo touch -f /System/Library/Extensions to get it booting without -f option.
  2. Hi Herve, all. I upgraded my D630 with a T8100 Cpu and Copper MOD and I am really impressed. under stress test cpu does not go over 70 degree and graphics not over 80 degree both under 100% load for ~5 min. Great little working machine now. Temps during surfing are around 55c cup and 65c graphics. But still keyboard problem: I am using for booting and afterwards in OS the same pack from here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8645-dell-latitude-d630-with-core2duo-and-nvidia-quadro-nvs-135m-el-capitan/ During installation it works, in OS regardless if Kexts are in /Extra or in /L/E they keyboard and trackpad does not work. Has anyone a hint for me? I am close before trying clover, but I think this will make it even worse. Thanks Simon
  3. What I tried so far without success: I extracted all Touchpad/Keyboard Drivers provided by EDP to Desktop and tested them all (not at the same time Driver after driver). I also tried them with deleted VoodooPS in Plugins because I read this in a thread. Am I doing something general wrong? copy kext to /L/E sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E* sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E* sudo touch -f /L*/E* sudo kextcache -Boot -U / Then reboot. In addition I have parameter CsrActiveConfig=3 Thanks. Yours Simon
  4. Hi all. Based on Herves Guide and the hint here in forum how to boot the first time I have successfully installed El Capitan. BUT: Same problem as two years ago with my Intel D630: Keyboard and trackpad are only working in the installer but not in the final installed OS. I also moved kexts to /L/E for a better boot time like suggested. But also no improvement to my keyboard problem. Any hint how I can fix that? The rest is working like charme Thanks. Yours Simon
  5. Hello. CPU performance semms to be quite equal in Windows and OSX 10.9.2 on my M3200 with T8100 and NVIDIA card. But praphics performance is not very well in OSX: I used Herves optimized Extra folder. Using OSX is quite well, also iMovie with 720p Videos. But while zooming a window to fullscreen for example, it struggels on OSX. Not bad, but: I am using Amazon instand Video. And I realized that it is not possivle to view HD films in OSX, within Windows it works quite well. I tried Firefox and Safari as well. Tests with Chrome is pending. Is it perhaps issue that Instand Video uses Silverlight? Is there any graphics performance tool which existst for windows and OSX to compare the results? Thanks. Yours Simon P.S.: This is just finetuning. This cheap maschine runs like hell anyway.............
  6. Hi. It went just fine also without myFix I am really impressed. I am not using EDP, I use Herves Extra Folder provided here in the forum. Yours Simon
  7. If you push Enter and Space a few times the installer continues also. Nice to hear that someone lese has the same problem then me: Only "Alps touchpad driver ANV/Slice Alternate" works well but (for touchpad) but on my keyboard the left Ctrl/Strg Key does not work. Do you have the same problem? Have you fixed it perhaps? Yours Simon
  8. I checked it out right now again on a blank USB disk: 3 Partitions, GPT, Mac OS FS: OS Install Stuff On Stuff partition only your extracted EXTRA folder ist located. On Install partition I created Mavericks install media with myHack, afterwards implemented your Extra folder with myHack and run myFix again. Boot into installer -> Keyboard and touchpad works like charm Start installation on first partition, within installation myHack poped up, choose "Use your own", selected your EXTRA folder exactly the same as during creation of install media, let it finish, run myFix again just to be shure. Reboot.................................................................................... No Touchpad and no Keyboard Do I have to delete any OSX keyboard or touchpad drivers in S/L/E which are perhaps not load for the installer but then later in the bootet OS? Yours Simon
  9. Hi Herve. I haven't done this selection on my own. It has been like this from beginning. And that's my question: Is this selection a driver issue (because your PS2 kexts does not work for my modell), a selection somewhere in preferences or something which has to be edited with ukulele or similar. Does your physical keyboard look the same like mine? Only the function keys left and right of the space key? Thanks. Yours Simon ,
  10. Hello. Perhaps I explained not detailed enough, so here my problem in screens: The Dell keyboard physically looks like this: If I open ukulele or also the keyboard layout in OSX Statusbar it loosk like this: As you can see there is missing one key on the left side, on the right side is one key too much. I found this screenshot of a layout in the internet, it includes for example FN key and also in right side it seems to match.How do I modify my layout or my driver that the layout is equal to the physical keyboard? Thanks. Yours Simon P.S.: Also if I open Logitech layouts the position/amount of keys on left and right of space key is not matching and is same as in my fist ukulele screen.
  11. Hi Herve. I have spoken about the Dell layout I found somewhere in the internet This one was not recognized. And I also can not load and edit it in Ukulele. The Logitech Layout from Ukulele I haven't tried. I will try this evening. Yours Simon
  12. Hi Herve. Great hint, I will try this. Thanks. I found Keyboard Layout for Dell Laptops somewhere in the big network but it is not selectable in Language Prefepane even that I put it in /Library/Keyboard Layouts. Thanks. Yours Simon
  13. Hello everybody, especially Herve who helped me that much. Keyboard and Touchpad is working now after I activated "click and move" in touchpad prefpane.But I will try the generic PS2 from myHack anyway because I am missing some keys on my keyboard: Left Strg key is not working at all (only right one), also FN not. I checked it by opening Keyboard layout. And on the layout which is showing in OSX there are less keys than I have on my Dell keyboard physically The main question: OSX is thinking it has a normal USB keyboard attached, no Laptop keyboard which has additional keys. Is this a layout issue (then I can adjust with ukulele perhaps) or a driver issue? In addition an external monitor is only recognized via docking station - not via VGA port on backside of laptop. Any ideas? Yours Simon
  14. Hello. Fixed the bootargs by deleting nvram file - thanks. Also blank screen bug is fixed: I modified in DSDT the Grapics device from NVDA,Quadro to NVDA,Parent (adress was correct 0x0C) like described in D830 thread here in forum and it works. Last thing to get it working perfekt: Touchpad driver: I used the one provided in Herves folder - which does not work (it works, and very smooth, in installer but not in installed system - never seen such an issue before). It works with Rehabmans VoodooPS2 driver - but touchpad is not operating very well. It works well with the "modified PS2 kext" provided by EDP but I can not move windows or icons: If I press the trackpad buttons I can move cursor arround but the window or icon I pointed to does not move. Diffucult to describe. As if a long press of mouse buttons does not work, it is like clicking the mouse only. Update: Got it working, just activated it in prefpane Now it works like charm !!!! Will attach my updated Extra folder this evening. So any suggestion which driver works as smooth as this modified Apple PS2 and also give me that focus thing back? Thanks. Yours Simon
  15. Sorry, doublepost One little problem left.....simple for shure, but I can not get it right now: My new Dreammachine is booting verbose even that I did NOT specify it on org.chameleon.boot.plist. Is there an other way to tell: Boot verbose? If I hit a key in Chameleon Bootloader to set some parameters I can see -v written there. But where does it come from? Many Thanks. Simon
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